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Monday, November 8, 2010


I flew with the boys to East London this weekend again to spend the weekend with Neville. I just love this little coastal town so much.. it is so quiet and peaceful. Perfect place to unwind and relax...

Just some pics of our weekend.

Visiting at our favorite beach and pub (Buckaneers)

We took a drive out to Kai Beach and to Morgans Bay.. very quant towns.. 4 hours and we didn't find a place to eat.. had to turn around and to to Buckaneers for lunch.. We did see dolphins though ! LOL

The boys on the beach.. they just LOVE this way of life and would move down here in a flash !

There was the cutest dog swimming in the Sea.. he was biting the waves and came out to play with Neville and the boys.. I wanted to take him home !

My boys on the way home... we saw the most beautiful sunset on the way back.. Was stunning.. the photos didn't do it justice...

Hope you all had a great weekend too !

Hugs, Mich



  1. Great photos. I know you'll be able to turn these into some gorgeous pages.

  2. thanks for following my blog. have a nice week. hugs pia