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Sunday, December 8, 2013


I have been playing with SCRAP COLLECTIONS new papers.. 

I just love this Xmas Tree and have been using it a lot on my layouts lately... here are some examples:

It is so easy to make:

1.       Using your 5 squares of paper.  Create your Tree as follows:

Cut 5 squares measuring 13cm, 12cm, 11cm, 10cm, and 9cm  (or smaller.. depends on what size tree you are making)

  • Take your biggest square and fold from corner to corner with the patterned facing upwards.
  • Open it up and fold from corner to corner in the opposite direction with the pattern facing upwards.
  • Open your paper up, it will now have a cross in the middle.
  • Turn the paper over so that it is facing downwards and fold the paper once from side to side so that the paper in facing inwards.
  • When you open this up if you push up the center from the back side it should pop into this position below leaving you with two of the folds facing down.
  • Now with your left had put your finger nail right to the top point (this stops the paper from tearing) and with your right hand grab hold of the right bottom point of the top triangle. Pull that point downwards so that the edge of this section of the triangle is butted up to the centre fold you have made.
  •  Now do the same to the left side of the top triangle.
  • Repeat this process for the 4 remaining squares.
  • Lay your 5 triangles out in a row. largest at the bottom and smallest at the top, this is the way your tree will go together (from large to small).
  • Turn your tree over and put a strip of double sided tape down the back of it. This will stop the triangles moving about.


Friday, December 6, 2013

YIPPEE YIPEE..Ons gaan skippie !!

I am so excited..

I have been asked to be one of the teachers going to join the ladies on the BOHEMIAN SCRAPSODY cruise on the MSC OPERA in March 2014  !!!  I cannot wait to share my love of this amazing hobby with all you girls..

March here we come !

The Cruise is fully booked already and it is going to be a great one !

RSE Xmas Class and Lunch

I recently attended RSE (Rubber Stamping and Engraving) year end Class and Lunch.  What a fun event.  The ladies went all out to make it special for us retailers !

We got goody bags and the class was taught by Glenda Viljoen.. I even managed to finish my layout on the same day !  WOW !!

My finished layout:
(again I changed it a bit with a booklet and extra photos)


I have a set group of girls who come to class every Tuesday evening.  We went to THE RABBIT HOLE in Krugersdorp last night. 

What a fun evening to say a Merry Christmas to each other. 

Thanks for the support girls.. see you next year ! 

Finishing off Layouts.. yay

I finally managed to get photos printed so am able to finish off layouts that have been lying around for ages:

This one is from Teresa Collins at the Scrapbooking Expo held this year.  

Loved this layout, it has lots of flaps for extra photos..
and the left page:
It was amazing meeting Teresa Collins at the Expo.. 

Second layout finished was my PERFECT layout that I taught at the CROP FOR A CURE DAY ...

These photos were taken at my niece's wedding recently.  Really love them !

and the CROP FOR A CURE layout taught by Amber van Niekerk.. I finally put photos on too, of the event.  I just changed one of the papers and the photo format to add more photos in.  The double mat is a flap with more photos underneath.

Now to find more layouts to add photos to !  LOL 

Hugs, Mich

Monday, October 14, 2013


Finally getting around to finishing my Layouts from the Convention.. Got another one done this week and managed to get a single finished too out of the left overs.. 

This layout was designed by Glenda Viljoen.  I changed it a bit to include more photos and I also changed the title of the layout to suite my photos.

There were so many fun techniques in this class. .loved dipping the sticker hearts in glitter to get instant glitter hearts:

Making embossed hearts was my favorite.. such a neat trick:
 Dying our ribbons to match the layout was so easy.. 

 My ultimate favorite was creating these funky pencils.. we stamped them ourselves.. such a fun thing to do..now to find me some pencils.. 

The completed layout.. 
We love going to breakfast as different places and on this day we decided to visit AMAZINGWE for their breakfast buffet.. the view and food was fantastic.. 

and with the remains of the paper we had, I created a quick single.  My good friends Adrie and Michelle,  invited me to go scrap with them one day and it was so much fun to just get out and play.

I scanned Esca's business card onto my pattern paper to add to the layout.  She is our teacher.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

DE ART STUDIO LAUNCH - Full day Scrap Class

Yesterday was a fun day, was able to visit Elsie Vos at De Art Studio launch !  
We created an Altered Art Journal using an old Novel and by tearing, distressing and adding so many techniques.
We also were able to appreciate her amazing cooking as she launched her "tea garden".. our little waiters were super cute !

Here are some pics of the event ..