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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hi there,

Yesterday was my birthday.. YAY me.. LOL! With hubby being away it is rather sad and lonely, but he sent me the most beautiful bunch of roses ever .. check these out.. How lucky am I ?

Klaven (my 13 yo) even used his own money and bought me a present (so sweet - the loveliest vase) and Brent gave me a big "Kiss and Hug", as I told him that is all that I wanted for my birthday. He sang to me early before I was even awake... he is just too cute !

Spent the evening with my boys at home, and Scrapping up a storm in my scraproom.

I decided to do a layout for hubby, seeing as he is so special. This layout also doubles up for a challenge on "Lets Scrap", we had to use Pinwheels and Circles. Love the use of pinwheels, they are so cute on a layout when you don't know what else to do (especially for those hard boy pages).

Used BALSA wood for the Journalling strips... they worked well with this page.

To make pinwheels, check out this cool step-by-step tutorial: http://lotstoscrap.blogspot.com/2010/05/tuesdays-tips-techniques-pinwheels-part.html

On Saturday we celebrated MIDMAS (Christmas in July). Vanessa (my sister) has it every year at her house. As it is too hot in South Africa in December to have Turkey, veggies and all the trimmings, we normally "braai" on Christmas day or do cold meats.. so in July when it is cold, we haul out the decorations, Xmas Tree, we swap gifts, eat Turkey and Gammon, and listen to Christmas songs ... LOL

It was freezing, but what a stunning evening. Everyone had to bring a wrapped gift and then done a Present Swap where we stole each others presents.. such a fun game. Chaos broke out as usual as everyone always wants the same presents. This year the folding camping chairs, umbrella, cooler box and camping kettle (and the cordless screwdriver) were the most sought after gifts of the evening. Everyone fought for them and they were soon "dead" - can only be stolen 3 times.. LOL! Check out the "dud" prize of the evening.. a chicken foot back scratcher..I just LOVED this !

My best friend Angel and her daughter Shenay came and spent the weekend with me and it was so much fun ! She came with me to Midmas and we got to catch up as we haven't seen each other in a long time. We go back to primary school and she even made my wedding dress. Nice to have friends that you can rely on !

Sunday afternoon I took the boys to see TOY STORY 3.. Bumped into my friend Michelle at the movies and we took the kids together. What an awesome movie.. The kids couldn't understand why Mich and me were crying so much. Our eyes were all red and puffy by the time we came out the movie.. LOL! You have to go see it..even if you dont' have kids ! (I was just not impressed with Jeremy's voice as Chatterbox... was totally out of place with all those American voices).. didn't sound cool at all.

This weekend I am off to visit my hubby in East London.. Cannot wait, it is the first time the boys will be flying. They are so excited. We can then celebrate my birthday properly. Was a rather lonely one at home alone. Next year is the big {40} so then I can party big !!

Watch this space for a sneak peak of the TRAVEL layout to follow when we come back from our trip. Hope to take LOTS of photos !

Have a great week and hope to catch up soon !

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am so sad that our boys didn't get the change to go through to Round 2 of the FIFA world cup 2010.... They really outdone themselves last night. What a game. Our country are so proud of them.

Well done BAFANA BAFANA !!

I received this email today and just had to share it.. I think it is so special ! We are such a wonderful country with such a special range of people in it.

I love how sport is bringing this nation together. I hope it stays that way afterwards too.

It does not matter that we did not qualify.
What matters is our team inspired us all.

What matters is they gave us hope.
It does not matter that we were alone ...
... because now we are together
What started as a game ...
... is becoming something more.
What matters is what we are creating ...
... the jobs ...
... the skills ...
... the infrastructure ...

... and our common future.
It does not matter that we did not qualify.

What matters is that we host the best World Cup ever.

Let’s not stop now.

We have opened our hearts to each other ...
... now let’s open them to the world.

Starting now ...
• choose another country to support
paint your face for that team • fill the fan parks
• help a tourist
• say hello to new people
• fly the flags even higher
• and be proud of our country

This is our chance.

Let’s keep it going

Ke nako!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I finally managed to find the time to finish my FIFA 2010 Soccer layout. There are just so many things that make this the most unique of all the World Cups, that I have included an A-Z booklet including Ayoba, Vuvuzela, Waka Waka all the way to Zakumi.

Class is now avaiable so if you want to come scrap your soccer photos, book early. Remember if you want this in kit format to let me know before the time as kits only packed on order.

My son celebrated his 13th birthday on Saturday night. What a party. I had to hire him a DJ and Disco as he wanted a "DISCO party"...

This was the view from outside. Strung up lights and had "Club 13" on the gate. Wonder what the neighbours thought LOL!

Arranged a chocolate fountain for the DISCO too... Klaven and Brenton went mad at the fountain before the party even started ! LOL.. check that face..

Klaven wanted an "entrance" so I had to cut strips of material to make the entrance to "Club 13" (aka the Bar area where the DISCO was set up..)

In total 18 kids were there, only 4 boys though.. they loved having this bevy of beauties around them...

The gorgeous hunks of the party... ! The boys led the "Cha Cha Slide" for the girls..

The party in full swing. Had proper DJ with disco light, laser beam, smoke machine the works.. they really enjoyed it. Had 200 glow sticks which they all used as neclaces, bangles and belts even !

Even my poor dog Riff Raff got some glow sticks to shine in the dark...The "chill zone"... had a HUGE bonfire outside with couches for the party animals to relax and have supper and just "chill".
One little girl said "This is the best party ever".. so I suppose they enjoyed it ! LOL
Told my son.. no more parties until he 16! This is tiring stuff! Party was from 6 to 10 but they only left after 11... yawn..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh what a fun morning we had.. my boss decided that we had to experience the GAUTRAIN for ourselves... so we all piled into her Land Rover and off we went on an "office outing" to ride the Gautrain to OR Tambo Airport and back...

It took longer to get to Sandton to the Station than it took on the train.. LOL.. we finally arrived though, all eager in anticipation for our trip..

Arriving at the "Entrance Hall", everything is so shiny and new. Very well organised and a lot of security around. Very pretty with all the lights and tiles...

Posing for our group shot before we board the train. Take note our "cards" are ready to be swiped so we can go underground to the platform..

Onto Four Levels of escalators we went, deep into the bottom of the earth to meet our Silver Bullet.. The escalators were super fast and we almost fell off... Looking down was scary, all you saw was rows and rows of escalators going into the earth..

Finally arrived at the bottom onto Platform C, ready to meet our train. So pretty and shiny !
Looking up at the "Entrance Hall: from the bottom. Quiet a way down, and we didn't even go all the way to the bottom platforms..

As we arrived, we heard the GAUTRAIN coming, it sounded like a space ship.. so eerie.. and yet so pretty... Everyone was so excited to see it coming from the tunnel.

Here she is.... Isn't she just GORGEOUS !!! Really a new National beauty in our country. We can really be proud of her. About time we match up to the rest of the world.

Inside is so nice and clean and "NEW"... each compartment has diffent seating arrangements, some have chairs all facing forward, others have 3 on each side and others have 2 on each side.. nice to have a choice on how you want to sit.

Ilsa and me getting ready to ride !

The train took off and into the tunnels at a hectic speed.. was so cool ! Then as we entered the "open" it had to slow down.. pity, would have loved to do the trip in 12 minutes like promised. However, we took our time and stopped at Marlbora and another station before we got to OR Tambo airport.. Everyone got out there. We got out, looked at the train and got back in again for the return trip.

It was really such a cool experience ! You have to try it if you are in South Africa.. even if you just go to the airport and back like we did.. LOL!

Have a great weekend...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


OK, I admit it.. I am officially a Scrap - a - Holic... I managed to scrap 6 (yes 6!!) double layouts in one week.. all done for a friend.

These are part of her sons Travels across Europe on a Pilgrimage.. to CAMINO DE SANTIAGO.

This is of DAY 1 of the trip: There is a flap that opens up on the left page for more photos underneath...

DAY 13 of the PILGRIMAGE. This is one of my favorite pages.. love the colors ... Used my Cuttlebug for the titles..

Has a booklet on the right that opens up for more photos:

DAY 14 of the trip... used "bits and pieces" from the trip for the embellishments... Little envelopes include journalling...

This is at the end of the TRIP... includes a flap with extras under... The people met on the way, the TEARS, the JOYS, the MEMORIES.. the Shell is a symbol of the Pilgrimage.

This is of Leroy's birthday party... used my Siloutte to cut the cool title...

Isabel spent a weekend with her friend in POKWANE.. decided to go grungy on this layout... like how it came out ! Inked a lot !

Hope you enjoyed looking at the layouts... and have inspired you to do some for yourself...
Have a great week-end
Hugs, Mich