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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good Beer Week - Challenge 123

This weeks Design Team Challenge over at Let's Scrap is to add memorabilia to your layout. As you all know, I love picking up stuff as I go along.. so this was rather an easy one for me.

I used an older sketch of Let's Scrap for this challenge and used a range of Kaisercraft papers for the page..

I added a Good Beer Week pamphlet and a Beer Deluxe business card that we picked up when we went for a pint in honor of Good Beer Week during our May visit to Melbourne.. was fun. This little pub is in the heart of Federation Square and really rocks ! They have all sorts of beers there.. awesome !

Close up... they have a huge wall full of sayings about beer.. it is so cool to sit and read them all.

More close ups..

to be continued.. lol.. sure hubby will do it again in May 2012.. LOL

Thanks for looking...

Hugs, Mich

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Your Carriage Awaits

I have found myself working through some of the older M&M Scrapbooking Adventures kits that I haven't had time to complete yet.

This was a single page created by Nutty M... however, i had too many photos, so extended it onto the right hand page and made a double. I used inspiration from this LETS SCRAP SKETCH to finish the right side.

I have been wanting to scrap these photos for ages and am so glad these papers worked perfectly with them.

These were taken when we were in Melbourne in May, we went to the IMAX theater and on the way back missed the Trams as they all stopped at 9.. LOL.. so we had to walk about 5Km's to the hotel. We started walking but half way were exhausted and then Neville saw the Carriage rides and next thing I know we are clip clopping our way through the busy streets of Melbourne City in the middle of the night with Trams, Busses and Cars all around us.. was scary but so much fun too ! An experience not to be missed.. LOL

Close up of left and right pages.. I just loved the threading of the ribbon with the half moon effect.. was perfect touch to our Moonlit Ride..

More close up shots of the clusters I created...

Thanks for looking !

Hugs, Mich

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Home SWEET Home

Moving away from South Africa was very traumatic, especially as I absolutley adored my house. However, God has his reasons, so we upped and moved to Australia this year. We managed to find the cutest little house in Berwick and are so very happy. The area we live in has parks, Dams with fish and ducks, Huge Trees, Walking and Cycling Paths, kiddies gym areas, basketball courts and even picnic areas wherever you look with free gas bbq's to use as you wish.

Within a few 100mt radius you can do so much ... no need to even get into your car. I just love it. These photo's were taken on our first "walk about" our new neighbourhood.. So, as much as I miss my old house.. this is now my new Home SWEET Home..

Layout inspired by this SKETCH at LET's SCRAP and also created using an older KIT by M&M SCRAPBOOKING ADVENTURES.

Closeup of left page.. Check that cool sign.. they have them at all the entrances.. all different ones..

Brenton loves the Dams around our house.. there are ducks and fish everywhere..

Close up of the elements used:

Had these stickers for years.. finally got to use them ! LOL

Thanks for looking !

Hugs, Mich

Cool Dude

Having done a layout for Klaven recently, I had to follow up and do a special one for Brenton too. These photos were taken in Jeffreys Bay last December when we went on holiday. Brenton decided he wanted to have a "funky" haircut... knowing it would grow out fast, I agreed.. he got a lightning bolt on one side and a start on the other.. with a mohawk in the middle.. was very cute..

I used this SKETCH from LET's SCRAP as a rough guide.

Papers used are from Kaiser.. they worked perfectly.. Just loved the "Addicted to Gaming" circle.. these 3 words sum up Brenton in a nutshell !!

Close up of layout - The 9 on the strip was in the perfect place (pure luck!).. so I just popped a circle around it to make it stand out.. LOL !

Thanks for looking !

Hugs, Mich

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lets Scrap Sketch - 11-23-11

When I saw this weeks sketch at Let's Scrap, I immediately ran to my Scrap Room to find photos. It just lends itself to all kinds of layouts...

When I saw these photos that I took last December, I knew I had to scrap them. These were taken at our very Last HOMESPUN Scrapbooking Xmas Dinner. Amazing how much has happened since then.. I really miss all you ladies so very much !!!!

Close up of left page.. i used the new range of Christmas papers by Kaiser

Close up of right side. (used a few odds and ends from last years Kaiser range too)

Close ups of the elements used:

Was fun to create circles for this page..

I even added some hand journalling.. Wow.. !

Thanks for looking.. ! This layout really brought a lump to my throat.. being so many thousands of miles away, I really miss all my ladies and friends..

Hugs, Mich

Lets Scrap Sketch - 11-2-11 (take 2)

Still working my way through my May photos.. there are so many ! Think I took over 2000 if that !

I used a sketch from Let's Scrap from earlier this month which can be found HERE

We went to a local Restaurant called OUTBACK JACKS.. it is so amazing... they have the largest range of steaks in Australia.. you go and choose your own that you want to eat.. really delicious tasting as well.

We also ordered Nacho's and couldn't believe how big it was ! LOL.. Neville dived right in.. as you can see on left page.. Hee hee.

Close ups of left and right pages

I kept the Menu and used it on my page...

Another page from inside the menu..

I used pieces that I cut out of the menu for my banner...

Found a cute Crocodile lying around.. so used him on the page, seeing as Jack is a Croc..

Created a cluster of elements from the restaurant and other stuff..

Thanks for looking...

Hugs, Mich

URGR8 & Barb Wire Tutorial

I find it very hard to find nice teenage embellishments these days, there are hundreds out for little boys and girls, but nothing for real teenagers, so I was very excited to find some chipboard wording and pattern paper the other day that was perfect for my teenage son.

However, I didn't know what to do to finish off the layout, so decided to add some BARB WIRE... I couldn't find the rubons so I decided to create my own.

I used this SKETCH from LETS SCRAP to help me create my layout.

Photos of my son were taken by UNIVERSAL EXPOSURE in Johannesburg.

Close ups of my layout:
I was very happy with the way the barb wire came out...

Following the theme of the pattern paper (all codes).. I done the same for the title..


Step 1: Decide where you want to put it on your layout. Once you draw the lines, you cannot rub them out ! LOL

Step 2: Using a thick black marker (I used a Sharpie), draw a wavy line or lines. I went over mine twice to make it nice and thick

Step 3: Now using the same marker, make small barb wires along the length of the wavy line. Just do random ones.. Use my below picture as a guide (think of M and W to inspire you)

Step 4: Now you need a white marker. Using this marker, highlight your black line and all your small barb wire edges. Try to stay in the middle of the black line.

That is it.. all done.. how easy !! Close up of barb wire effect.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you create your own boy pages using some barb wire effects...

Hugs, Mich

Monday, November 21, 2011

Reach for the Sky

I am still trying valiantly to get through all my 1000's of photos that I took in May 2011 when we first came to Melbourne to "view" it out.. I am slowly making my way through them.. LOL.

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the EUREKA TOWER when we went to the City and done the EDGE experience as well. It is 88 stories high.. wow ! Scary but what views !!

This layout uses 2 of the Let's Scrap Sketches as I had to combine them to get my photos to work with them.
Close up of left - I kept the wristband they gave us when we done THE EDGE experience.. it was awesome.. 88 stories up and the whole things extends out the side of the building and all there is between you and the floor is a thin sheet of glass. Also added our entry tickets and the pamphlet of the EUREKA TOWER.

On the right hand page I created a flap so that I could fit in the rest of my photos.. always take much to many photos.. LOL..

At the bottom you will see I am standing at Australia's highest post box.. so cool !

Close up's of the layout open flap:

More close ups of the layout:

Thanks for looking..

Hugs, Mich