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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This is a quick single I created for Scrap Collections a while back.  

I had extra's of these photos of hubby and I, so decided they would work well.. Just a quicky :

Really making my way through the photos... 30 done, about 10 000 to go !  LOL


LAYOUT SHARE: A feminine Affair

Well, this was not really a Feminine Affair, but an Egyptian one.  However the layout was designed for Scrap Collections about a year ago and these photos really went well with it, so I used them.. LOL..

PS:  I cannot believe how thin and young we were back then !! time sure flies..LOL


Close Up:

LAYOUT SHARE: One Memory at a Time

This layout was created for Scrap Collections.  It has the most amazing lasers to suit the papers.

I loved the flaps on the right for more photos.

I used photos of my best birthday ever.  I went to Sassafras in Melbourne with very good friends and we went to have tea at Millys and then to the Tea Pot Shop, the Puppet Shop, the Sweet Shop, among other shops.. Oh what a wonderful day.. I miss all my friends over there !




Layout created for Bonsai Huisie using Simple Stories papers.

I used old photos of us touring Melbourne Docklands with the boys.  We really love the architecture and all the artwork in Melbourne.. It is super retro.

Glad to finally be using up some of my old photos.


Close Up:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

LAYOUT SHARE: Bourkes Luck

and another one bites the dust... 

This was a  layout I created for Scrap Collections a while ago.  Finally got photos onto it.  Used our 2013 photos of our trip to Bourkes Luck potholes.  Created a flap and added extra photos.

Some close ups of the layout:

LAYOUT SHARE: Scrapbooking @ Aquilla

Yet another layout finished with photos.. this layout was done when I first got back from Oz and only had scissors, glue and ink.. hence the simplicity.. Think I used a knife to make holes for the brads.. LOL

Using Scrap Collections papers.. 

Found these photos of Lara Hanna and myself doing the Scrapbooking Aquila day early last year.. so thought to kill 2 birds with one stone and finish the layout.. Not my best, but hey, one more layout finished for the albums.. tired of unfinished pages..

Close Ups:

LAYOUT SHARE: Love these Memories

This is the December 2013 M&M Scrapbooking Kit Club layout I designed.  

While digging through my photos, came across these of my son, playing silly buggers on the rocks near the waterfalls in Mpumalanga, and they were PERFECT for this page.

Love how it came out.

Kits are still available if you would like to order.. Contact Mitch at info@thevillagescrapper.co.za


Close ups:

LAYOUT SHARE: Rock and Roll

This layout is a rehash of my old Bachelorette M&M Kit that I created. Had these fun 50th Rock and Roll photos of my sisters party and it worked well for this layout. Used Kaiser Hopscotch Papers.

LAYOUT SHARE: Greensleeves

I created and taught this layout at the 2013 I-Scrap Retreat, finally got a chance now to put the photos on.

When I worked for Hunter Theron, we went to Greensleeves for Dec 2010 Year End Function.  Was so fun, we all dressed up and had a stunning evening.

I even got my big boss into the stocks !  LOL.. 

Here is the full layout:

This layout has a fold out booklet for tons more photos

 I created interesting flowers down the side.  you cut Squares and just corner round the top left and bottom right corners.  This creates awesome "petals / leaves".  Just stack a smaller one on top of it and place them as per my layout.  Makes an interesting border on the layout.

A small banner on right page to finish off layout: 

LAYOUT SHARE: Pilgrims Rest

Another layout finally finished with photos. 

Used photos of our Jan 2013 holiday to Pilgrims Rest. Was an amazing day (the only sunny day on our whole holiday).. we visited Robbers Grave, the old Royal Hotel (and left our money on the wall with our signatures on.. tradition), and visited the old town.. was amazing.. 

Used Simple Stories 24/7 range of papers for this layout and using 6x6 plastic inserts, created a mini booklet down the side for lots more photos of the day.

Close Ups of the booklet:
Tore strips of paper to create "fake" washi tape..

LAYOUT SHARE: Days like these

Finally getting around to putting photos on some of my 100 plus layouts that dont have pics on ..  
This is an old Scrap Collections Camilla range layout I done last year.  

Used photos of my Mommy and Sisters birthday lunch.  My other sister Sharon and I decided to surprise them with a lunch for their birthday.  Was a stunning day.. Seemed the perfect layout for these photos.

Close  ups of elements.  Created small butterflies from paper to add some dimension to the layout.