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Monday, December 13, 2010


Although I get a lot of inspiration from other scapper, it is not often that I see a Kit for Sale that immediately catches my eye and I just have to buy same.

I came across this cute kit today in my favorite scrapbooking store ALFS SCRAPBOOKING SHOP in Florida and just had to buy it...

After I done all my rounds today, I sat down (first time in days) and got to scrapping.

Layout was designed and kitted by Sandy Goddard from Art's Workshop (www.artsworkshop.co.za).

The finished layout. I used photos from my Halloween Party we went to in October at my friend Debbie's house.. Still have about 100 photos from the second party too... phew.. have to scrap those also.. wow.. so many Ghosts.. so little time.. LOL

The left side of layout: The title was covered in glue and glittered. I look like i've been to a strip joint.. LOL.. was covered in glitter after this page was finished. (don't you just love this cute skeleton.. he hangs and his feet move)

I changed the layout a bit in that I added the fence and moved a few things around. I loved the little hanging ghosts..

Close up of elements:

I even used dimensional glaze on the wording so it looks all shiny like blood... ooooohhh...

All the elements were pre-cut and you just had to stick them on (after glittering everything of course.. hee hee) - A very Crafty page for sure.. so much fun !

Close up of my Skeleton.. he is too cute !

Now, that is my last scrapped item for 2010... Off on holiday Thursday to hubby and CANNOT wait ! So exciting.. going to Jeffreys Bay for 10 days !
Watch blog for updates.
Love Mich


I am very blessed in that through me teaching Scrapbooking, I have had the chance to meet some wonderful people who have become very special in my life.

On Saturday I held my final Scrapbooking class for the year and some of my regular clients/friends all joined as a big group to scap an "event calendar" clipboard.

There were some beginners as well and everyone finished their boards almost 100%... (which in my classes is unheard of.. LOL)

Adrie (my other mommy), me and Mich (my other scrapping sister)

One of my beginners.. she was one of the first ladies to finish her entire clipboard.. I am very proud of all the beginners on the day.. they done so well...

The ladies all hard at work...

Marlize, Miemie and Tannie Miemie

Thank you ladies for sharing your special "girls day out" with me and I hope you all enjoyed playing with your Boards and never forget an important event ever again !
Hugs, Mich


My niece Sheree is going to a friends Wedding soon... and as you cannot find nice BIG wedding cards, she asked if I would make her a BIG card so that the entire group could sign it (they all clubbed in for the wedding gift.. a Kruger Rand.. wow.!!!)..

I used the Prima range of papers for the card. Sheree supplied the wording.. they are a young couple so they would appreciate the humour:

Outside of card: Tags close up:
Close up of front:
Inside of card: (hee hee)

Manged to use up a lot of my old stickers and rubons with this way.. good way to finish off scraps.
Hope they like it !
Thanks for looking...
Hugs, Mich


My son Klaven decided to have an End of Year party as this is his last year of Primary School. Cannot believe that my son is in High School next year .. Wow... scary stuff...

He invited his closes Skating buddies over for Swimming, Skating and Lots of Subs (Pizza rolls)..

The boys:

Klaven doing what he loves best:
My big boy.. how gorgeous is he !!
Hugs, Mich

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Last night the "TUESDAY SCRAP-A-HOLICS" held our Annual Scrapbooking Christmas Dinner. It was lots of fun.

The ladies all done a single page and then we had dinner and LOTS of pudding.

After that everyone swapped presents. We played the "chinese present swapping" game and lots of presents were stolen and swapped.. LOL.. great fun.

Our group of ladies...
From left Anina, Isabel, Me, Elanie (back), Margaret (front), Salome, Pauline and our very special visitor for the evening who flew in that morning from Portugal "Aunty".

Margaret opening up her gift... Never get too excited to open your present.. sometimes it gets stolen ! LOL... although poor Salome did end up with another lovely present anyhow...
Isabel received a very special frame made for her by Elanie. She has had a really tough year and is still smiling at the end of it. A very special gift for a very special lady.

Thank you ladies again for your support this year and for the lovely evening!
Hugs, Mich

Monday, December 6, 2010


OK, time to give back.. this is my first tutorial and the photos were taken over a year ago.. so please excuse me.. Hope it will all make sense to you.

I found this idea in a Scrapbook table book a while back and LOVED it... you can create a picture frame but instead of putting a picture in the frame, you put a mini booklet for LOTS of photos.

Your booklet inside will open up for more photos to be included front and back (OK, I must still add mine.. LOL)

Got you FRAMED

· 1 x Pattern Paper
· 1 x Cardstock
· 1 x Picture Frame (for Jumbo size photo) – No glass inside
· About 20cm Metal chain and small screw
· Wire pins (for beading)
· Beads
· Ribbons
· Tags, etc
· Paint
· MM Swirl Foam Stamp (or something similar – white rubons work well too)
· Script stamp and ink
· Big bulldog clip
Using your white paint and paintbrush, dry brush (use a little bit of paint and remove most of it off your brush) all the way around your frame
Use the MM Foam Swirl stamp and stamp with white properly in bottom right corner.
Stamp your flowers and your tags with the script stamp.


Using your embellishments decorate your chain as follows:
- Hang charms off
- Thread ribbon through
- Add stamped tags
- Thread beads on pin, fold over and thread through

Using your Hole Piercer, first make a small hole in the TOP of your frame (left side), now place your mini screw through your chain (about 1/3 of a way up) and screw your chain onto your frame

Using your bulldog clip, fold your BIG flower in half and clip to top right edge of your frame

Using your cardstock, cut
• 1 strip measuring 28.5 x 14.5cm
• 1 strip measuring 30.5 x 14.5cm
Score at 9.5cm down the length of both pieces
One strip will have a 2cm recess, stick this onto your shorter strip so you end up with one long strip of zig zagged cardstock (each section must measure 9.5cm in height)
Ink front and back and all folds
Using your pattern paper, cut a 14x9cm strip for your cover of your booklet, ink and stick to front.
- Adhere your small flower with a brad to the bottom left corner.
- Sand your photo (Cropped down to 10x7.5cm) and place at an angle in the top right corner.
Stick your booklet INSIDE your open frame so that it opens up like the example.

Decorate remainder of booklet with your left over paper and photos as you wish.

Using your hole piecer, make a hole to the top of your booklet (centre) in the wood of the frame. Insert your small screw through a photo anchor and screw into the wood.
Repeat with another anchor in the bottom right corner. Use these photo anchors to hold your book closed.

This is really easy to create and makes a super Christmas Gift.

Hope you are all inspired and if you do make, I would love to see !

Hugs, Mich

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Good morning everyone.

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of my BLOG CANDY. I have had a hectic weekend and just didn't find the time to do it..

However... all good things come to those who wait ... ! LOL

Firstly... THANK YOU so much to everyone who entered and all the lovely comments. Welcome to all my new followers and I hope that you all enjoy visiting my Blog often. There will be more candy in January again...

Enough waiting.. Using Random.org to help me choose a winner (the fairest option I think)... I had 37 comments... and Random.org selected...

No. 19 belonged to:




are you ready for it ???




Here we go....


Please can you email with your postal address at sa_homespun@mweb.co.za before the 12th of December to claim your prize.. otherwise I will have to do a re-draw.

Thanks again to everyone !

Hugs, Mich
My mom's 70th birthday party was held on Saturday. The entire family and lots of friends all gathered at the FAT OLIVE to celebrate with her.

To honor the occassion, I created these Bookmarks as THANK YOU cards for everyone. The menu was similar and rolled up with a flower.

As you know, I created an Album for her where eveyone in the family had their own page (I added a photo and a square in which everyone had to hand write a special message to her) We decided that someone from each family would read out their families' "message" to her. It was very special and a lot of tears were shed in the process. My little boy Brenton read his own to Ouma.. it was so cute.

Hubby and me... He managed to fly down for the weekend.
This is the entire family... Ouma with all the Kids and grandkids... what a bunch ! LOL
Mommy ROSE... she was totally overwhelmed by the entire party and had so much fun. Isn't she the most beautiful Mommy in the world !! (OK I'm biased.. LOL).

Thanks for looking and sharing these special memories with me.
Hugs, Mich

Friday, December 3, 2010


My mommy is turning 70 this week (Happy Birthday Mommy).

In honor of her birthday I have made her an 8x8 album from everyone in the family.

As the album has 20 pages, and there are 5 children, 5 spouses and 10 grandkids, it worked out well. I gave everyone a 10x10 square to write about "OUMA" and how special she is in their lives.. all the way from my eldest sister, down to my 8 year old. They were not allowed to type and had to handwrite a special message to her. (still have a few to finish.. busy with this until 1h30 last night... had our Christmas Party and got home after midnight and then tried to finish most of it off).

Each page has a photo of the person, flowers and their journal square.

I am giving it to her tomorrow at her special 70th birthday party and I hope she likes it.

I also made special THANK YOU bookmarks and MENU's for the function (will post photos next week).

Have a good weekend..
PS: I will do the BLOG CANDY drawing tomorrow so that everyone has a final chance to enter today.
Good Luck
Hugs, Mich

Thursday, December 2, 2010


How cool.. I received this STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD from Denise @ LALA's WORLD.

Thank you so much Denise.. that is so awesome !

In order to receive this award you have to:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this (done).
2. Share 8 things about yourself. (below)
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered (below)
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award

Ok, here are 8 things about myself to share with ya all....

1. I was a punk when I was younger.. yes.. the hard core stuff.. had a HUGE mohawk and everything.. doc martins and wore black all the time. Some of my best ever memories come from those days.. LOL Had to hide the photos from my son.. now I have ended up giving him my Docs and he even wears my Pointer (leather jacket).. so funny ! Scary that at 13 he fits into it already...
2. I cannot park straight. No matter how hard I try. I don't bash anyone like Denise (hee hee), but I am always skew.. However, if I parrallel park, I can do it right ! Weird. My boys alwasy comment on it when I climb out the car...
3. I am a Scrap a Holic (should join scrapaholics anonymous). I cannot go one day without doing something scrapbooking related, even if it is just surfing or reading a magazine.
4. I cannot say no... It is a horrible habit that I have.. no matter how busy or stressed I am.. if someone needs a favor, a card, a layout, a project, I have to say Yes and help. My husband hates it and always tells me to say NO... but I cannot. I have to share the love.
5. My main purpose in life is to share my love of scrapbooking with everyone I can. It is my passion and I love teaching it to anyone who will sit long enough ! Hee hee... my students are amazed at my patience.. however when it comes to normal day to day life, I dont' have any patience at all.
6. I am the youngest of 5 kids.. till today (and I am almost 40.. gasp).. my mom still calls me "her baby".. amazing.. now I do the same with my kids.. hee hee. My 8 year old already tells me that he is not a baby.
7. Wow, this hard to think of things about myself.. OK.. I am a Mills and Boon addict too. Can sit and read these short Romance Novels all day long... (similar to Siloutte books). I generally read a book a day and swap them with my sister and friends so that I have enough to read. At any one time I have about 20 of them in the cupboard to read. Just read a statistic that women who read Love Stories' partners are 70% more likely to get "lucky" than those who don't. now.. if only my hubby was home huh ... ROFL !
8. I love CHICK flicks.. with hubby being away at the moment, I hire them for myself and watch and cry as much as I like.. Love them.. cannot do the horror or action thing.

Phew.. you must be bored already ! LOL

Now to pass on this cool award to 8 more awesome bloggers that I admire and visit often:

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These ladies have the most amazing blogs and I am inspired everyday by the wonderful work, ideas and general life stories that they share...

Now share the love ladies..

Love Mich