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Monday, December 6, 2010


OK, time to give back.. this is my first tutorial and the photos were taken over a year ago.. so please excuse me.. Hope it will all make sense to you.

I found this idea in a Scrapbook table book a while back and LOVED it... you can create a picture frame but instead of putting a picture in the frame, you put a mini booklet for LOTS of photos.

Your booklet inside will open up for more photos to be included front and back (OK, I must still add mine.. LOL)

Got you FRAMED

· 1 x Pattern Paper
· 1 x Cardstock
· 1 x Picture Frame (for Jumbo size photo) – No glass inside
· About 20cm Metal chain and small screw
· Wire pins (for beading)
· Beads
· Ribbons
· Tags, etc
· Paint
· MM Swirl Foam Stamp (or something similar – white rubons work well too)
· Script stamp and ink
· Big bulldog clip
Using your white paint and paintbrush, dry brush (use a little bit of paint and remove most of it off your brush) all the way around your frame
Use the MM Foam Swirl stamp and stamp with white properly in bottom right corner.
Stamp your flowers and your tags with the script stamp.


Using your embellishments decorate your chain as follows:
- Hang charms off
- Thread ribbon through
- Add stamped tags
- Thread beads on pin, fold over and thread through

Using your Hole Piercer, first make a small hole in the TOP of your frame (left side), now place your mini screw through your chain (about 1/3 of a way up) and screw your chain onto your frame

Using your bulldog clip, fold your BIG flower in half and clip to top right edge of your frame

Using your cardstock, cut
• 1 strip measuring 28.5 x 14.5cm
• 1 strip measuring 30.5 x 14.5cm
Score at 9.5cm down the length of both pieces
One strip will have a 2cm recess, stick this onto your shorter strip so you end up with one long strip of zig zagged cardstock (each section must measure 9.5cm in height)
Ink front and back and all folds
Using your pattern paper, cut a 14x9cm strip for your cover of your booklet, ink and stick to front.
- Adhere your small flower with a brad to the bottom left corner.
- Sand your photo (Cropped down to 10x7.5cm) and place at an angle in the top right corner.
Stick your booklet INSIDE your open frame so that it opens up like the example.

Decorate remainder of booklet with your left over paper and photos as you wish.

Using your hole piecer, make a hole to the top of your booklet (centre) in the wood of the frame. Insert your small screw through a photo anchor and screw into the wood.
Repeat with another anchor in the bottom right corner. Use these photo anchors to hold your book closed.

This is really easy to create and makes a super Christmas Gift.

Hope you are all inspired and if you do make, I would love to see !

Hugs, Mich


  1. Thank you for sharing this, I was thinking of making an altered frame as a gift… but I always battle to choose only one photo so this is great.

  2. What a cool project!! Thank you for sharing this tutorial!!

  3. Still love this frame. You know how oftern I use it!!!!

  4. Great tute Mich! Gotta give this try!

  5. This is absolutely awesome! Love it - thanks.