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Monday, April 13, 2015


I recently taught a class on the various uses of Mists / Sprays.  It is amazing how many different uses you actually have with your mists. NOT just spraying and splodging !!

Sit back (image heavy so allow to load)  and relax, and enjoy this tutorial !  

Mists / Paintbrush / Craft Sheet / Stencils / Doiley / Ribbon / Flowers / Wet Embossing Pad , stamp and Heat Gun

To create this layout from only White Cardstock and random elements, 
Lets start with a normal piece of Bazzil Cardstock 

STEP 1:  This is your most basic use of spray.  Spray randomly (45 degree and spray from about 30cm away) on your background.  Remember to use a craft sheet (I used A2 papers behind (or newspaper) so I don't mess).

STEP 2: Bring in a contrast color (or as many as you like).. Keep white showing so you can add more stuff just now.

STEP 3:  Using any stencil of your choice, place in top corner and spray.  

NOW, Flip the stencil over and use the wet side as a "STAMP" in the bottom right corner.  Use a paper towel to flatten it and get the excess spray onto your layout.

You will see that by just spraying the top stencil has a white border (if you don't want this, cover the sides of the stencil with paper - below image so that you ONLY spray the stencil image and the overspray does not overlap onto your layout.

Another clearer example to show you postive/ negative stencil - A great way to use both sides of your stencil !  Works amazing with clouds especially! 

This is the negative of the cloud:

STEP 4: Repeat the process using another stencil. Here I used paper towel to stop the mist from overspraying onto my layout.   You will see that there is no white line now around this stencil

STEP 5: Using BUBBLEWRAP (I wrap a small piece around a stamping block to give it support), spray some mist on your Craft sheet, and use the Bubblewrap as a STAMP all over your layout. 

STEP 6:   Spray a contrast color onto your Craft sheet, and using a small piece of plastic, scrunch it up and use it as a STAMP all over your layout.  This give you nice colored "blotches"

STEP 7:   Removing your DROPPER from the bottle, push the nozzle and this will drop DROPLETS of color onto your layout.  The fuller your nozzle is with ink, the bigger the droplets will be.  Drop at random on your layout.  

You can use some of the bigger droplets and let the "run" down the page.

STEP 8:  Using Mists as a stamp pad base.  Spray some ink on your craft sheet and run a stamp through it.  Apply gently to your paper to create a STAMPED image.

STEP 9:  Spray a small bit of spray on the side of your layout.  Now using a paintbrush, use this to paint inwards around the side of your layout.   This gives nice streaks around your outer edge.

STEP 10:   Create a DOILEY element by using a normal Doiley and placing over cardstock.  Spray as your would normally.  Lift and you have two elements.. the sprayed doiley and a stenciled card with a stunning doily print (or do it directly onto your layout).
Using left over Mist on your craft sheet, run the Doiley card through so that you color the edges with a different color. 

STEP 11:  Create a FLOWER element for your layout.  If you don't have the right color flower for a project, use your MISTS !!   Just make sure it is a light color.. you cannot color a black flower pink.. LOL.
I used yellow flowers and just applied a bit of MIST to my craft sheet and soaked the flowers in the mist. Use a paintbrush to fill in the gaps.  When dry, the color is perfectly suited to my project.

STEP 12:  Re color your Ribbon.  You can color almost any ribbon to match your project.   Cut a piece and run it through a puddle of mist.  Allow to dry and the color is perfect for your project.

STEP 13:  Creating an Embossed Image for your layout.  
You will need to stamp an image onto your CARD or CARDSTOCK using an EMBOSSING STAMP PAD / WATERMARK Stamp Pad.   
Working quickly, apply your Embossing powder to the stamped image.
Tap off all the excess powder.
Using a Heat Gun, set the powder so it melts.
Now, using your mists, you can either spray over it and wipe off excess, or you can spray on your Craft sheet and run the card through.  
Wipe off the excess and your stunning embossed image remains behind. Cut out and use on your layout as an element.


Add your elements to the layout and you are done !


Using a toilet roll, spray inside to create fun circles:

Using DRY WALL TAPE (available from any hardware store), you can spray onto the project and use the negative and then peel of the tape and use the positive on the project.

Using a WAX Crayon or OIL PASTEL to create a wax resist image.
Draw on your Tag / Layout spread with a wax crayon / Oil Pastel and then spray.  The image comes through !  Really fun !

Adding cool texture with SALT

Spray your project liberally with Mist.  
Sprinkle COURSE SALT onto the mist where you want it.
Allow to dry naturally. (takes a few hours).  Heat gun doesn't dry it as well.
 Once dry, tap off the salt and voila..the salt absorbs all the color and creates a cool texture effect.

Well, there is so much more to show you, but I think that should keep you busy for quiet a while.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please leave me a comment !  

Hugs, Mich


  1. Awesome tips Mich... thanks so much for sharing. Love the wax crayon idea.

  2. Yep I agree some amazing tips here. I under utilize my mists. Love the end layout looks awesome and I really love the spray in a loo roll tube. xx