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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Niece DERYN was born !!!

My niece was born this past weekend...

Isn’t she too cute? Deryn Coetzee… (weighed a wopping 4kg’s.. wow.. her mom Maryanne had a natural water birth and 19 hours plus labour... ouch !! )

First girl in our family for the last 23 years…

Here she is with her brothers.. how proud are they !!
She is like a little angel..
Welcome baby to our family !
We love you already !
Hugs, Mich

Lets Scrap Weekly Sketch Challenge

This weeks sketch at LETS SCRAP is a card one:

My card created .... I flipped the sketch around. Using PRIMA papers

Hugs, Mich

Resolution # 15 - Happy Birthday

Resolution # 15 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop :

Resolution #15 - Amy - make a layout or card using a Let's Scrap sketch, the colors teal, yellow and grey/silver and the word HAPPY (or form of~ happiness, happier, etc.) somewhere on your layout/card

OK, only 2 left to do and then I am finished ! Yikes...
Hugs, Mich

Resolution 14 - HOPE

Resolution # 14 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop :

Resolution #14 - Tracey - Numbers challenge – Make a card or layout (the card doesn’t require a Let’s Scrap sketch but you must use one if you do a layout) with the following on it 1 x lace/ribbon, 2 x pattern paper, 3 x flowers and 4 x bling/gems.

Close up of card:

Hugs, Mich
Resolution # 11 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop

Resolution #11 - Wendy - Use a Let’s Scrap sketch to make a layout or card in the colors Blue, White and Silver.

I don't have much silver so used ribbons and bling for that part:

Hugs, Mich

Resolution # 10 - Brand Name Junky

Resolution # 10 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop :

Resolution #10 - Megan - Trash to treasure Challenge. Use a leftover item from everyday life (non scrapbooking supply) and a Let's Scrap sketch to make a one or two page layout.

My son is a Brand Name Junky and won't wear anything unless it is a famous name.. I used all the tags taken from his clothing for this layout.. nice way to use them up.. they are so nice afterall..

Close ups of layout:

Hugs, Mich

Resolution # 7 & Resolution # 8 - Memories of Portugal

Resolution # 7 & 8 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop combined:

I created this layout for a friend.
Resolution #7 - Kristie - Banner Challenge - Use one of the sketches from Let's Scrap and use a banner somewhere on your layout..
Resolution #8 - Bev - Using black and white photos, blue and yellow embellishments and a Let’s Scrap sketch create a layout. (the Portugal badge worked PERFECTLY for this)
Close up of the pages:

Hugs, Mich

Resolution # 6 - Love Story Card

Resolution # 6 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop

Resolution #6 - Roulien - Use Let’s Scrap card sketch # 1-20-10 and create a card or layout for or about your valentine.

Using PRIMA papers for this card:

Close up of card:
Hugs, Mich

Resolution # 3 & Resolution # 5 - CAPELA DOS OSSOS

Resolution # 3 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop and Resolution # 5 combined:

Resolution #3 - Beth – Using a Let's Scrap sketch make a layout with at least 3 different patterned papers and some stitching. It can be hand sewing, machine stitching, or "pen stitching".

Layout created for a close friend.. left space for her to journal. Had left over photo so used it punch out the big flower:

Resolution #5 – Carolina -Make a layout or card using a Let’s Scrap sketch and you can’t open any new packs of ANYTHING when making it. (all pieces used were from open packs)

Full layout:

I used my gold stamp pad and inked all the elements and Title on this layout. Fake stitched on the strip running across the layout:

Close up of cluster:
Hugs, Mich

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Resolution # 4 - RECIPE FOR FUN

Resolution # 4 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop

Resolution #4 - Cori - Use a Let's Scrap Sketch to create a scrapbook layout or card that contains a list. Any type of list will do!

I used this sketch of Cheri's for both Resolution #4 and Resolution # 12 (left and right sides)

Also of our PAMPER and SCRAP day last year.. made a Recipe List for the layout.

Using more Enmarc Products.. added some extra flowers and flourishes to the layout. Also added extra cutouts from the brochures.

OK I don't have the best handwriting but I like to add my own personal touch to my layouts.. makes it more special I think.

Hugs, Mich

Resolution # 12 - CHICAMA SPA

Resolution # 12 for the LETS SCRAP Blog Hop

Resolution #12 - Debby – Using a Let’s Scrap sketch make a card or layout with eyelets on it.

I used the last of my Enmarc products for this layout. Used eyelets down the photo, on the flowers and the Book Plates.

This was at our M&M Pamper and Scrap Day held at Chicama Spa in October last year. The girls had so much fun.

Close ups of layout:
Cut up the brochure to add onto the layout:

Hugs, Mich

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Resolution # 2 - CHUCKLE BUGS

Resolution # 9 for the LET'S SCRAP BLOG HOP

Resolution #9 - Mandy - Laughter is the Best Medicine. So your challenge is to scrap something that makes you smile or laugh and make sure to add some journalling so that you can look at this years from now and reminisce what was making you smile or crack up

I used this sketch by Cheri O' Neil:

My boys are real Chuckle Bugs and once they get started, you cannot shut them up. On this particular event, we were at the Airport waiting to fly down to Neville. They started playing with one another and before I knew it, were laughing so hard they were crying.. they wouldn't stop pulling faces and teasing each other.. was so funny.

Close up's of layout: Inserted tags with my Journalling behind the photos:I had some really cute ant stickers and added them to my BUGS ... rather like the effect:OK, that is 2 down.. only LOTS more to go.. Hee hee..

Hugs, Mich

Resolution # 1 - BEACH

Resolution # 1 for the LETS SCRAP BLOG HOP

Resolution #1 – Betty Anne -Pick a favorite layout in the Let’s Scrap Photo Gallery and scraplift it. Make sure to tell us, why it’s a favorite, what you scraplifted from it and give a link to that layout. Note: you have to use the same sketch as the one you scraplifted from.

I just loved this layout by Jean Marmo and have had it saved under my Favorites for ages... Her use of the corrugated board for the title and the cute little vellum clouds immediately caught my eye. Also the dictionary definition under the BUTTE...

Here is Jean's layout that I chose to lift:

We used the right side of this sketch by Cheri O'Neill:
My version of the layout:
My son got a new dictionary for school this year, so I took his old one and love it ! Cut up the definition BEACH from the dictionary to add to my layout.
Found some cool riboon and buttons to add to the layout.
Used a clothing tag which I cut up to add behind the quote.
Decided to cluster words and shells in the corner:
OK, 1 Resolution down... only 13 to go.. hee hee
Hugs, Mich

Sunday, January 16, 2011


LET'S SCRAP are having a HOPPY NEW YEAR blog hop starting 14 January to 14 February.

There are 14 blogs and 14 prizes up for grabs.. plus TONS more... check out all the details here: www.letsscrap.ning.com .

AND.. if you complete all the challenges, you go into the draw for the main COSMO CRICKET prize too.. WOW ! so hop over right now and join up for all the fun !

Hugs, Mich