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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Well, I am very excited to have made it to Round 3 of the Tournament.. Thanks so much to all the ladies who voted for my BUTTERFLY KISSES layout.

Challenge 3 is a seriously hard one.

DOODLING.. and lots of it.  4 Photos and you need to doodle on 2 of them.  Single Page.
No FLOWERS or ALPHAS and min of 20 words journalling.  Oh yes and no PEOPLE photos.

This is my Layout.  I used lots of doodling and I created my own African map with extra doodling on.

Was really outside of my comfort zone but the end result is pretty..

Thanks for the votes !

Hugs, Mich



Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I am so glad to have made it to Round 2 of the Supreme Scrap Tournament Challenges.

CHALLENGE:   Make a monochromatic colour layout
1. Pages :                         

  • 2 pages Layout (double page!)

2. Theme:                         

  • You can choose your own theme

3. Colour LO:                     

  • The monochromatic color scheme you use is up to you

4. How many Photos:        

  • Minimum of 1 photo

5. Photos:                         
  • One photo must be partly on the left and partly on the right page             
  • One photo needs to be black and white
6. Not to be used:          

  • You are restricted from using black anywhere on the layout including, ink, paint, pen lines, journaling or any other elements. 
  • There is not to be black on the page with the exception of your black and white photo(s).
  • You can not use brown to antique elements unless brown is the colour you choose for your monochromatic colour scheme.

7. Materials you may use:  

  • embellishments, inkt, media stuff, everything that you want in the monochromatic colour.

I decided to keep with PINK and do a layout on my super cute Niece Derryn and my Brother Michael.  I just loved these photos and also wanted to play with my new 2 Die 4 Scrapping Butterfly Dies.

I used Distressed stain along edges, ink to highlight papers.  Wet edges and sewed them on, added lots of flowers, ribbons and tulle to make it more girly.  Also added butterflies and a chipboard title to finish it off.

(click on image to open larger view)

Close Ups:

Hope I get some more votes this round.

Hugs, Mich

Friday, February 14, 2014


Well, I made it past Round 1 of the Tournament..  The talent of these ladies is amazing.. wow.. there are so many great scrappers out there.. you can see their work here: http://sst.freeforums.net/

Card Challenge 2 has been posted:

Card: Monochromatic in 3D

  • You can choose your own theme

Colour Card:           
  • The monochromatic color scheme for your card is up to you

Card dimension:     
  • Free

You must use:        
  • The card has to have 3D elements. This can be a stepper card, a 3D dimension when opening the card (like pop-up elements)
  • You can not use:
  • You are restricted from using black anywhere on the card, including: pen lines, any kind of ink or paint, journaling or any other element.  There is not to be black on the card. 
  • You can not use brown to antique elements unless brown is the colour you choose for your monochromatic colour scheme.   
  • You are not allowed to use cutting machines.

You can use :           
  • Use any store bought or home made embellishments that are in your colour scheme 
  • You are allowed to make your own as long as you don't use a cutting machine to make them. Only scissors are allowed for these cut elements.

As you know, I love 3D cards.. so decided to create a CASCADE CARD for Valentines Day all in Pinks.

Here is my finished card:




14cm x 30.5cm  Cardstock  (x2)
Pattern Paper and Elements to decorate

STEP 1: 
Cut your Black Cardstock 14cm x 30cm (x2) and measure 7.5cm along left edge. Measure upwards to 14cm and cut. 


On both pieces make a light pencil mark across the 30cm length. Erase line later. Begin at short edge and measure 4cm up to end at 7cm at long end.

On both pieces, make two score lines at 10cm and 20cm.
So far both pieces have been the same, now that changes.

From the bottom up to the centre line cut at 5cm and 25cm.  Next cut from the top down to  the centre line at 15cm.
From the top down to the centre line cut at 5cm and 25cm.  From the bottom up to the centre line cut at 15cm.
Phew.. now for the easy part !

STEP 5:   
Fold on your score lines 

You will have two pieces that look like this.  Arrange them so they face you shortest side front.

Slide the cuts together so that your bottom edge is level.  It may feel awkward, but all the cuts will slide together to make two closed sections.

It should all fold in like this:

When you decorate, fold it flat and use your papers and elements to decorate as you wish.
I secure a full piece at the front and back to hold my card together.  The remainder is strips of papers down the sides and added decoration as you wish.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


As you know I am taking part in the SUPREME SCRAP TOURNAMENT with 10 other South African ladies.  

I am doing both the Layout and Card challenges..

This is Challenge 1:
Make a double layout or double mixed media project that shows where your live. 
But it all has to be within 1000 steps from your home!!!!
For example you could make photos of your favorite tree, bus stop, house as long it is within 1000 steps of your home!

- You can not use any spray inkts!
- You will have to use at least 3 photos on your project (scrapbooking and mixed media!!)
- You will have to add a visible journaling of at least 50 words

Here is my layout. 

Using Base Coat 3 range of papers and Prima Flowers. 

I used a stencil and some Texture Paste with paint to create the bricks

My journalling reads:

There is nothing so beautiful as a stunning VIEW of the sunset or a
stunning full moon in the clear night sky.  It is made even more beautiful when you are sitting on your balcony with a glass of wine and taking it all in.  We are very fortunate to live within a Nature Reserve and right on the side of a hill.  The views are amazing and you can see for miles around you.  It is so relaxing to just sit on the balcony and watch the world go by while we delicately sip on our wine and feel like royalty up in our
castle on the hill.

Here are some close ups:

Hope it inspires some votes so I can go through to the next round.  The talent is amazing though !  Wow.. am gob smacked ! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Layout just finished for Lets Scrap sketch challenge this week.. 

During our December holiday 2012, we stayed on top of Graskop Gorge, right ontop of the waterfall. They had a Big Swing (like a bungee jump) right on top next to our flats. Klaven just had to go. he had the right T-shirt on too.. was my superman !

I wouldn't have the guts to do that.. the drop is huge ! 

He was so excited to go though and even got a certificate.

I added a tag behind the certificate so I could add more photos and journalling.

Some close ups of the layout:

Saturday, February 1, 2014


I was invited by Linda King to join the South African team for the SUPREME SCRAP TOURNAMENT.

It is run by Bep and Nanette and over 200 participants from all over the world.  The countries that are participating includes Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Phillippines, Poland, Sweden, UK, USA and of course South Africa.  We have a awesome and very talented team from South Africa, which include the following 12 awesome ladies:  
  1. Tertia - Card & Scrap Diva Tournament
  2. Val Thorpe - Scrap Diva Tournament
  3. Rene van Wyk - Card & Scrap Diva Tournament
  4. Margaret Atkinson Creighton Jones - Scrap Diva Tournament
  5. Jeaunes Viljoen - Scrap Diva Tournament
  6. Shamela Hendricks - Scrap Diva Tournament
  7. Belinda Basson - Card & Scrap Diva Tournament
  8. Ezme Harman - Card & Scrap Diva Tournament
  9. Jen - Scrap Diva Tournament
  10. Kekkelk - Scrap Diva Tournament
  11. Linda King - Card & Scrap Diva Tournament
  12. Michelle van Wyk - Card & Scrap Diva Tournament


For our first Card challenge we have to make a ATC card where Home is the theme. 
It can be anything you want. It can be a welcome home card, a card about moving, a card with any quote on being/feeling at home or use the shape of a house.

- There hase to be a title/quote/wish on the card

- You can not use any spray inks or flowers

- You can not use any kind of cutting machine

- You can not use any image with a house on it (that is a challenge huh!!!)

This is my creation..

Had lots of fun downloading an open book image off the net and reducing the size and then printing off three to stack as an open booklet.  I added the Once upon a time first before printing.

I then created a Quill pen from a toothpick and pattern papers..

I rather like my first attempt.  Now to tackle the Layout section.. that will not be quiet so easy I don't think..

Good luck to all the other SA girls.. cannot wait to see what you come up with ! 

Hugs, Mich