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Monday, October 14, 2013


Finally getting around to finishing my Layouts from the Convention.. Got another one done this week and managed to get a single finished too out of the left overs.. 

This layout was designed by Glenda Viljoen.  I changed it a bit to include more photos and I also changed the title of the layout to suite my photos.

There were so many fun techniques in this class. .loved dipping the sticker hearts in glitter to get instant glitter hearts:

Making embossed hearts was my favorite.. such a neat trick:
 Dying our ribbons to match the layout was so easy.. 

 My ultimate favorite was creating these funky pencils.. we stamped them ourselves.. such a fun thing to do..now to find me some pencils.. 

The completed layout.. 
We love going to breakfast as different places and on this day we decided to visit AMAZINGWE for their breakfast buffet.. the view and food was fantastic.. 

and with the remains of the paper we had, I created a quick single.  My good friends Adrie and Michelle,  invited me to go scrap with them one day and it was so much fun to just get out and play.

I scanned Esca's business card onto my pattern paper to add to the layout.  She is our teacher.