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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lets Scrap Sketch 2-13-13: Miss Marples Tea Room

I haven't had a chance to scrap any LETS SCRAP sketches for a while, so was rather happy to get a chance to do this amazing sketch.  I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it posted at Lets Scrap.

Here is the sketch designed by Judy Rakes.

I immediately went digging for papers and photos that would work.

I found my Birthday 2012 photos where a group of us friends went to Sassafras in the Dandenong Forests to a little tea room called MISS MARPLES.  It is a landmark spot and you have to wait for ages to get in to the tea room.  They are super famous for their Tea and Scones.  

This is what this cute little Tearoom looks like:

History of Miss Marples:

The local tea room in the quaint old English village of St. Mary Mead was the gathering place for all the local identities.  It was a hotbed of gossip, and to anyone of an enquiring mind, like Miss Marple, it was a constant source of useful information.

It was Miss Marple's shrewd powers of observation that enabled her to solvemany a dastardly crime. As she herselfso often observed, 'Human nature is muchthe same everywhere, and of course, one has the opportunity of seeing it all at close quarters in a village like St. Mary Mead.'  Sometimes, the charming old lady could be found busily engaged in her garden, casting a watchful eye over  the passersby; or on the outskirts of St. Mary Mead, binoculars poised, enjoying her favourite hobby of bird watching. 

Miss Marple was the delightful character created by Agatha Christie, portrayed on the screen to perfection by Margaret Rutherford.

Here is my version of the layout:

Close up of the layout:

I included the information about Miss Marples from the Menu and a Business card.  The photo of her by the Tea room is from the Menu that I took a photo of.

Thanks for looking,

Hugs, Mich


With my card class being such a success I decided to teach it at work at the BONSAI HUISIE.  

What a fun morning !  We had 10 girls come and play and everyone enjoyed making their cards.  I had to reduce the number of cards to 5 as the 10 cards of my previous class were just too much for the girls to do.

Here are some pics.

Part 2 of the card class will be held end of March 2013.

I even had a full table of beginners.  They did struggle a bit with the pace, but managed to complete most of their cards.