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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My mom's 70th birthday party was held on Saturday. The entire family and lots of friends all gathered at the FAT OLIVE to celebrate with her.

To honor the occassion, I created these Bookmarks as THANK YOU cards for everyone. The menu was similar and rolled up with a flower.

As you know, I created an Album for her where eveyone in the family had their own page (I added a photo and a square in which everyone had to hand write a special message to her) We decided that someone from each family would read out their families' "message" to her. It was very special and a lot of tears were shed in the process. My little boy Brenton read his own to Ouma.. it was so cute.

Hubby and me... He managed to fly down for the weekend.
This is the entire family... Ouma with all the Kids and grandkids... what a bunch ! LOL
Mommy ROSE... she was totally overwhelmed by the entire party and had so much fun. Isn't she the most beautiful Mommy in the world !! (OK I'm biased.. LOL).

Thanks for looking and sharing these special memories with me.
Hugs, Mich


  1. I love all your fantastic gift ideas! What a treat for everyone. So thoughtful! :0)
    XO ~ Amy Jo

  2. Awww, this is the sweetest thing I've heard of in a long time! It was so very special. Thank you for sharing it here with us. I feel honored just to read about it and see your pictures. I know that your mother felt honored and cherished as well. You are very blessed!!!