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Thursday, December 2, 2010


How cool.. I received this STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD from Denise @ LALA's WORLD.

Thank you so much Denise.. that is so awesome !

In order to receive this award you have to:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this (done).
2. Share 8 things about yourself. (below)
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered (below)
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award

Ok, here are 8 things about myself to share with ya all....

1. I was a punk when I was younger.. yes.. the hard core stuff.. had a HUGE mohawk and everything.. doc martins and wore black all the time. Some of my best ever memories come from those days.. LOL Had to hide the photos from my son.. now I have ended up giving him my Docs and he even wears my Pointer (leather jacket).. so funny ! Scary that at 13 he fits into it already...
2. I cannot park straight. No matter how hard I try. I don't bash anyone like Denise (hee hee), but I am always skew.. However, if I parrallel park, I can do it right ! Weird. My boys alwasy comment on it when I climb out the car...
3. I am a Scrap a Holic (should join scrapaholics anonymous). I cannot go one day without doing something scrapbooking related, even if it is just surfing or reading a magazine.
4. I cannot say no... It is a horrible habit that I have.. no matter how busy or stressed I am.. if someone needs a favor, a card, a layout, a project, I have to say Yes and help. My husband hates it and always tells me to say NO... but I cannot. I have to share the love.
5. My main purpose in life is to share my love of scrapbooking with everyone I can. It is my passion and I love teaching it to anyone who will sit long enough ! Hee hee... my students are amazed at my patience.. however when it comes to normal day to day life, I dont' have any patience at all.
6. I am the youngest of 5 kids.. till today (and I am almost 40.. gasp).. my mom still calls me "her baby".. amazing.. now I do the same with my kids.. hee hee. My 8 year old already tells me that he is not a baby.
7. Wow, this hard to think of things about myself.. OK.. I am a Mills and Boon addict too. Can sit and read these short Romance Novels all day long... (similar to Siloutte books). I generally read a book a day and swap them with my sister and friends so that I have enough to read. At any one time I have about 20 of them in the cupboard to read. Just read a statistic that women who read Love Stories' partners are 70% more likely to get "lucky" than those who don't. now.. if only my hubby was home huh ... ROFL !
8. I love CHICK flicks.. with hubby being away at the moment, I hire them for myself and watch and cry as much as I like.. Love them.. cannot do the horror or action thing.

Phew.. you must be bored already ! LOL

Now to pass on this cool award to 8 more awesome bloggers that I admire and visit often:

Michelle's Blog: http://mycrazylekkerlife.blogspot.com/
Stacey's Blog: http://scrapwithstacy.blogspot.com/
Ingeborg Blog: http://scrapbookingcompetitions.blogspot.com/
Desire Blog: http://desiref.blogspot.com/
Marlene Blog: http://disguisedasagrownup.blogspot.com/ (this blog is hilarious)...
Wendy Blog: http://wendymckee.blogspot.com/
Annette Blog: http://scraphappenshere.blogspot.com/
Cathy's Blog: http://whatsupwithcathy.blogspot.com/

These ladies have the most amazing blogs and I am inspired everyday by the wonderful work, ideas and general life stories that they share...

Now share the love ladies..

Love Mich

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  1. Congrats Mich, your blog is inspiring. Just love your work!