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Monday, June 21, 2010


I finally managed to find the time to finish my FIFA 2010 Soccer layout. There are just so many things that make this the most unique of all the World Cups, that I have included an A-Z booklet including Ayoba, Vuvuzela, Waka Waka all the way to Zakumi.

Class is now avaiable so if you want to come scrap your soccer photos, book early. Remember if you want this in kit format to let me know before the time as kits only packed on order.

My son celebrated his 13th birthday on Saturday night. What a party. I had to hire him a DJ and Disco as he wanted a "DISCO party"...

This was the view from outside. Strung up lights and had "Club 13" on the gate. Wonder what the neighbours thought LOL!

Arranged a chocolate fountain for the DISCO too... Klaven and Brenton went mad at the fountain before the party even started ! LOL.. check that face..

Klaven wanted an "entrance" so I had to cut strips of material to make the entrance to "Club 13" (aka the Bar area where the DISCO was set up..)

In total 18 kids were there, only 4 boys though.. they loved having this bevy of beauties around them...

The gorgeous hunks of the party... ! The boys led the "Cha Cha Slide" for the girls..

The party in full swing. Had proper DJ with disco light, laser beam, smoke machine the works.. they really enjoyed it. Had 200 glow sticks which they all used as neclaces, bangles and belts even !

Even my poor dog Riff Raff got some glow sticks to shine in the dark...The "chill zone"... had a HUGE bonfire outside with couches for the party animals to relax and have supper and just "chill".
One little girl said "This is the best party ever".. so I suppose they enjoyed it ! LOL
Told my son.. no more parties until he 16! This is tiring stuff! Party was from 6 to 10 but they only left after 11... yawn..

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  1. Your sneak peak at your layout really makes me want to scrap it.... looks intriguing.

    That disco party sure looks like it was a lot of fun! You definitely deserve a few years of rest before the next one!