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Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh what a fun morning we had.. my boss decided that we had to experience the GAUTRAIN for ourselves... so we all piled into her Land Rover and off we went on an "office outing" to ride the Gautrain to OR Tambo Airport and back...

It took longer to get to Sandton to the Station than it took on the train.. LOL.. we finally arrived though, all eager in anticipation for our trip..

Arriving at the "Entrance Hall", everything is so shiny and new. Very well organised and a lot of security around. Very pretty with all the lights and tiles...

Posing for our group shot before we board the train. Take note our "cards" are ready to be swiped so we can go underground to the platform..

Onto Four Levels of escalators we went, deep into the bottom of the earth to meet our Silver Bullet.. The escalators were super fast and we almost fell off... Looking down was scary, all you saw was rows and rows of escalators going into the earth..

Finally arrived at the bottom onto Platform C, ready to meet our train. So pretty and shiny !
Looking up at the "Entrance Hall: from the bottom. Quiet a way down, and we didn't even go all the way to the bottom platforms..

As we arrived, we heard the GAUTRAIN coming, it sounded like a space ship.. so eerie.. and yet so pretty... Everyone was so excited to see it coming from the tunnel.

Here she is.... Isn't she just GORGEOUS !!! Really a new National beauty in our country. We can really be proud of her. About time we match up to the rest of the world.

Inside is so nice and clean and "NEW"... each compartment has diffent seating arrangements, some have chairs all facing forward, others have 3 on each side and others have 2 on each side.. nice to have a choice on how you want to sit.

Ilsa and me getting ready to ride !

The train took off and into the tunnels at a hectic speed.. was so cool ! Then as we entered the "open" it had to slow down.. pity, would have loved to do the trip in 12 minutes like promised. However, we took our time and stopped at Marlbora and another station before we got to OR Tambo airport.. Everyone got out there. We got out, looked at the train and got back in again for the return trip.

It was really such a cool experience ! You have to try it if you are in South Africa.. even if you just go to the airport and back like we did.. LOL!

Have a great weekend...

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  1. Loved seeing all the pictures Mich. Your boss must be pretty nice to let you all take off work to run the roads (rails) lol