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Friday, January 6, 2012

Life is sweet @ 40

For my 40th Birthday, I told the girls that 0 is not a number and that I was 4 years old.. LOL.. Anyhow, when I got to work they had arranged a Kiddies party for me.  I had to wear a tiara and wings the whole day and had Mc Donald and party packs for lunch.  Was the most awesome party ever.. Loved it !

Layout created using a kit by Juliet Corbellari.  I changed elements and photos around to suit my requirements.  Also added a few things.

Full Layout

I have also decided to start using up all my scraps that are left over once you finish a layout and make cards out of them.  These get thrown into a box and when I need a card.. voila.. it is done.. everything is there while you do the layout anyhow and it all matches.. quick quick..  These are just 2 that I have made so far..

I used scraps from the above layout to make the first card.

and... Inside the card:

thanks for looking.. Mich


  1. Love the LO oh queen of the double pager!! I always say I should make cards with the offcuts but never quite get around to doing it but you are so right... it would just take a few minutes more to actually use them up and you have a card as well!!

  2. What a fun way to celebrate your 40th. Love the layout you made for it. Also love that you're making cards with your scraps right after you finished the layout. I always have big plans to do that but never do.