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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kidds Beach

The little seaside village of Kidds Beach, just 30 kilometres from East London, lies on the rocky shore of the Indian Ocean, its beach an uninterrupted landscape of white sand and sea, and little else to interfere with its sheer beauty. Named after Charles Kidd, a former mayor of King William’s Town, Kidds Beach is all about the beach, lack of commercialisation and slowing down to a dawdle. The waves and tidal pool are renowned amongst surfers and children alike, and the surrounding hills are covered with a variety of indigenous flora and a considerable number of birds. 

We were lucky enough to have time to stop over one Saturday to visit this lovely beach.  We walked for hours and even made friends with a little hermit crab.. 

This layout was created at The Scrapping Studio's Megacrop in 2011..  We created 5 double layouts in one day

Design by Audrey Matthysen.  Finally got around to finishing it off.  Added photos and some extra elements to finish off the layout.

Close up of left and right pages and elements on layout:

Left box contains a shaker box in bottom corner.
The top right is a flap that opens up for more photos underneath

More close up shots:

Hugs, Mich

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