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Friday, April 8, 2011

This is how to work on a Friday !

We work in a very casual environment. Today was Etienne's birthday and he was spoiled rotten. Just so you know, Etienne is mad about fishing.. his favorite hobby. Carla is his "birthday buddy" (we all had to draw names and spoil that person on their special day).. She decorated his office from top to bottom with streamers and fishies.. he got tons of presents.. When he opened the door, he was so surprised.. it was so funny ! At Teatime, she even managed to get him cute FISH cupcakes.. they are stunning. We had a really nice teatime with cakes, smores and chips.
To follow the them at Lunchtime we had Fish and Chips.

Our new work benches just arrived, so we were able to "break them in" today too.. How cool !

This is how you spend a Friday at work ! LOL Thanks Carla and thanks Etienne for having a birthday on a Friday !

Hugs, Mich

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