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Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Update

Had such a nice relaxing weekend.. Didn't scrap one thing ! Was so awesome. Took my boys to the movies.. went to see GULLIVERS TRAVELS with Jack Black.. Was really cute.

On Sunday my baby asked me to help him with a school project. So I whipped out my supplies, we went to the local bookstore and bought a book on Dinosaur's that we can cut up (I know it's a waste.. but my computer is broken so no internet at home)...LOL

This is him with the final project. It came out really cool. He wrote all the information and I helped him to stick it down. Was full of 3D dinosaurs on the page.

He has to get up and talk about them too.. hope he does OK..

He was so excited about it and said "This is so nice mom, to spend time with you on my project".. I felt so bad.. joy of being a working mom hey and having kids at Homework Centre.. never get to spend homework time with him.. horrible ! Well.. hopefully not for too much longer.

The 3 D version...
Close up of Project

Thanks for looking.

Hugs, Mich

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