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Thursday, June 28, 2012


They are everywhere you look (and I'm not talking about the sky.. LOL).. forums, magazines, blogs, etc.. Sunbursts are the coolest thing to do with your papers at the moment.. they really are fun and an awesome way to use up those tons of scrap papers you are sitting with too.

Here is quick tutorial on how easy it is to use these on your page:

Step 1: First choose your papers and your photos that you wish to create your layout with

Step 2:  Select your sketch that you wish to work with (or create your own) – for my layout I used the left side of Let’s Scrap sketch 8-24-11.

Step 3:  Arrange your photos on some Scratch paper so that you know more or less where you want your sunburst to go.  If working with a double layout and you want your sunburst to extend over both pages, use two pieces of scratch paper.

Step 4:  Using a marker, select the centre point of your sunburst and draw same on your scratch paper.  Now draw lines from this point to the outer edge of your layout where you want your sunburst to go.

Step 5:  Number and cut out all these pieces

Step 6: Using these numbered pieces as templates, place on-top of your various pattern papers and trace them off and cut out.  NOTE:  remember if using paper with text to place your Text the correct way up so that you don’t end up with upside down or skew writing.

Step 7:  Once they are all cut out, line them up to make sure that you end up with the correct shape

Step 8:  Adhere these to your background paper in the position that you require. 
Optional:   To define the edges of your sunburst pieces, you can either ink, distress, sew, add ribbon, add border strips, stickers, twine, elements, etc.

Step 9:  Finish your layout by adding photos, elements, etc

Step 10:   Sit back and admire your handiwork

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I cannot wait to see your layouts.

Hugs, Mich


  1. Great tutorial Mich... love this range of papers.

  2. This is truly a great tutorial!! Left you some Love over @ Let's Scrap. Any chance you have this in a printable/downloadable .pdf format? Love it have it!

    1. Hi Judy..drop me an email at nevillevanwyk02@bigpond.com and I will email you the file..

  3. Such a very simple tutorial, Michelle, but with such dramatic results! Awesome!

  4. Such a wonderful LO, Michelle and thanks for the tutorial!! ~ Blessings


  5. This is a wonderful tutorial and such a cute layout! Any chance you would have this as a printable file? I would love to have it, ameliaharris99(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. Thanks so much for the project! I will try to duplicate your design.

  7. Thanks girls... Amelia.. I will send to you