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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hi there,

The boys and me flew down to East London to spend the Long Weekend with Neville. As Friday was HERITAGE day (AKA National Braai Day).. we hijacked the braai area at the guest house and celebrated on our own.

Neville doing the thing he loves most in the world... (his other name is GROENIE die DRAAK... LOL)
Although the weather was too windy and it was a bit chills, by Sunday we were finally able to go down to the beach and play a bit with the boys...

Neville decided to keep the boys with him for 4 days and to fly back with them on Friday morning.. (check the excitement... ) LOL !

Brenton is always asking to take photos with my camera, so I let him have a go.. he actually took some really cute photos !

The East London beach (Nahoon Beach) is in a cove with huge Dunes... this is my favorite photo of the weekend.. Klaven was walking away in the background and Brent was looking for him.. love how it came out !

Klaven, my funny bunny.. I think by Sunday afternoon he had had enough of me taking photos ! LOL !
I flew back on Sunday to a very quiet house.. The boys at least are having fun on the beach each day. They have signed up for the LIFESAVERS CLUB holiday program and are learning to surf, sandboard, fish and abseil.
Hugs, Mich

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