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Friday, September 10, 2010


Brent has his 8th Birthday party last weekend. The theme was Indiana Jones, and he invited a few friends over to come and have an adventure:

My Little Indiana Brenton:

Got the decor out and made him his "VINE" wall and made "FRAGILE" packs with sweets in for the kids. Luckily our home has a lot of Egyptian decor, so it went with the theme.

Made him an "ARC" out of a box, foamcore and tinfoil.. LOL.

When the kids got there they all had to put their presents into the "ARC"

I then sent them to go and Play on the Jumping Castle..

When all the kids arrived, I called them to come open presents... but "Lo and behold".. the arc was gone.. in its place was a clue from BELLOC.. the evil Nazi.. saying he had stolen the ARC and that they had to follow the clue and do the challenges to find the ARC...

Brent got to read the first clue:

First clue sent them to the "SANDS OF TIME".. ( I found a local supplier of SAND ART ) and set up a Sand Art station in the bar area. They LOVED this.. kept them busy for about an hour. They each got to complete their picture before they were allowed to get the next clue.

The next clue was a "code" of Heiroglyphics. They all had to decipher it first. It told them that the Mummies were angry and that they had to dress them up to get the next clue. They all ran to the "toilet rolls" and made teams of 3. They had to wrap a Mummy up and get the next clue.. How cute are these mummies:

Once they completed this challenge, they had to Find INDY... I had a map printed out and blindfolded them.. They had to guess where he would be. Closest got the next clue:

Next clue told them that Indy ate lots of weird food on his travels. They had to dig into the Eyeball soup (jelly and peeled grapes) and Monkey Brains (spagetti) to retrieve a "insect/animal" each. They all loved this game.. was really fun as they didn't know what was under the cloth:

Next up they had to find gold to pay off the Nazi's.. I hid gold coins in the garden and they each had to find 4 of them:

The next clue told them that the Nazi's didn't want gold.. So they had to shoot to kill to get the next clue.. LOL..

Found cheap little "Katties" and gave them paint balls to shoot at a target. Neville helped them and they had so much fun with this.

The FINAL clue sent them on a treasure hunt in the front garden to find the ARC... here are the treasure hunters:

They took the ARC and Brenton got to open his presents up and thank his friends:

At the bottom of the ARC under the presents were small gifts for each boy too:

Then it was time for CAKE... I had a Indiana Jones cake made especially for Brent. Even Missy (the Redtail Boa came to visit..)

After we finished everything, the boys all posed for photos in the "PHOTO corner" so that I could make thank you cards for the moms:

Each boy got to take home their "FRAGILE" party pack, kattie, insect, gold coins and helicopter mini gift AND their sand art picture.

They really had fun and I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did !

Now for next year !

Hugs, Mich


  1. Wow this is absolutely amazing.... I bet all the boys had fun... I must remember a few of these for my little guy's birthday in Nov.

  2. WOW, You are an amazing Mommy to go to all this trouble, but the fun they had, is so much rewarding!