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Monday, October 18, 2010


My very good friend Debbie decided to go and turn 40 recently. In honor of her birthday, and being so close to Halloween, she decided to invite us all to a HALLOWEEN MAZE party.

Our "gory" birthday girl at her best...
We all had to meet at the Honeydew A-Maize-ing Mazes: http://www.honeydewmazes.co.za/ to do a MIDNIGHT maze. Everyone had to get dressed in Halloween attire. Was stunning !

This is the maze.. NOT easy to do in the dark ! Wow.. even with torches. You were handed clipboards and had to navigate through the maze to the 4 different "ELEMENTAL" gardens to find clues, etc.

We went as a mis-match of variour characters..
Klaven went as a SCARY CLOWN and I decided to do the CRUELLA DA VILLE "evil" look:

Brenton went as FRANKENSTEIN.. was so cute!
Neville went as a "LIVING DEAD HITMAN".. check out the bullet wound !
Don't we make a stunning couple.. LOL
Our latest family PORTRAIT.. giving the Adams Family a run for their money !

It was really nice as EVERYONE dressed up. We had monsters, brides, vampires, the Mask, etc. Lots of fun and we really made a macarbe group!
After the group photo session it was time to hit the maze.. took us about 2 hours.. wow, my feet were killing me ! Luckily we didn't come last.. LOL

Then we headed over to Debbie's house for a party.. check out the cute decor ! Nicki really outdone herself !

Debbie really struggled to blow out those candles.. LOL.. must be her age catching up with her (or could have been the knife through her neck !)

Thanks Deb's for a great party.. everyone had a blast !
Hugs, Mich


  1. Man, really wish I had made the maze, but the party afterwards was good fun!

    Love all the pic's of the decorations - well done Mich

  2. Those maze parties are the best - had a few kids parties there, and my sister had her 30th birthday party there (also a night-time one - but in the maize maze!!) and it poured with rain. Still was lots of fun, but I couldn't wait to get home and get dry!!