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Thursday, August 19, 2010

TUTORIAL: Hidden Journalling

Often we have so many extra photos and journalling for our layouts that we don't know what to do with them. I find that a lot of people hate their own handwriting and really do not want to display it on their pages.
However, as your handwriting is a part of who you are and is much more special than typed words, it is important to try and incorporate it as much as possible onto your layout. The follow tutorial will hopefully show you how to include that journalling and all those extra photos on your layouts without changing the overall feel of them.
Some ideas are very subtle and others are made to incorporate the decor of your page.
Tags are a wonderful way to include extra journaling. They can be hidden under photos, tucked into pockets or envelopes or just placed on a page and displayed.

In Fig 1: tags are placed into long pockets and can be used for hidden journaling or extra photos.
Fig 2: the tags are hidden behind the photo for extra information and photos

Envelopes are very versatile and can be used as open journaling or hidden journaling.

Types of envelopes include:
· coin envelopes
· business envelopes
· glassine or vellum envelopes
· handmade envelopes (patterned or textured paper)
· canvas envelopes (try sewing your own!)
· clear (plastic) envelopes
· envelopes with a transparent window

In Fig 3 I have used envelopes décor and for journaling. Left layout has a booklet made from folded cardstock – the front is a “fake” envelope.
Fig 4 includes a small bought envelope that you can use to include journaling / photos.

In Fig 5 and Fig 6, envelopes were used for display and I made a booklet out of them for extra journaling and photos as well.

See Fig 6 for a picture on how to make an envelope booklet. You basically tape your “lids” to the back of the next envelope and so on and so forth. You land up with a “booklet” that can open up and has space for lots of extra goodies inside. This is the perfect addition to any layout.

Flaps on a layout can be used for all your extra photos and journaling.
Flaps are extra pieces of paper usually scored along the side or top and adhered with brads, tape, eyelets, paper fastener or ribbon. These can open up for extra photos and / or journaling:

Fig 7: This layout shows Flaps for extra photos and journaling to the top or your layout. These flaps are about 10cm in height and are scored at about 2cm along the top edge. The 2cm top scored section is stuck to the BACK of your layout so it is hidden.

This is my favorite kind of flap as you slide your pages into your album, these flaps go onto the outside of your plastic without having to cut your plastic protector. Much neater option.

On fig 8, the flap is part of the décor and is hidden on the right side of the layout. The green strip on the right page is actually a flap that opens up. I have included more information and photos underneath it.

Fig 9 and 10 show various options of Flaps that can be created on your layout to include extra photos / journaling. These can be so subtle that you do not realise they are flaps and in this way they do not detract from your main layout.

Fig 11 uses a variety of these flaps, pockets and mini booklets to include LOTS of extra photos.

LEFT – Locker… opens up as a flap to include extra photos beneath. Side is just scored at 1cm and adhered with brads.
RIGHT page – Small pocket next to frame to include Tags for additional journaling and photos.
Booklet at bottom right … 4 different colors of cardstock, cut at same width but different lengths. Same are scored at 1cm from top and adhered with a paper fastener and ribbon. Can be used for additional photos and journaling.

Fig 12: I created a flap on the left side and opens Upwards… Day 1 is a tab that lifts and the entire piece with the map lifts up.

Also included on this layout is a pocket behind a photo to include all the extra tabs, tickets, etc. that you collect on your journeys.

Use pockets on your pages to:
· hold greeting cards, birthday cards, or other occasion cards
· hold other loose memorabilia such as jewelry or hair trimmings
· hold brochures, programs and pamphlets from places you've been
· include a full magazine with current events
· hold a mini photo book
· hold photos that are more graphic or personal that you don't want to display
· hold letters or notes
· store important receipts
· showcase report cards
· store tickets


My favorite addition to layouts to include LOTS of photos, etc, is mini booklets. However that is another tutorial all together !
Hope these ideas have inspired you to create lots of flaps, envelopes and pockets on your layouts. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Hugs, Mich

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  1. Thanks for the great tips and tricks... I really need to get more adventurous and include more envelops/tags on my layouts.