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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CARD MAKING Tutorial #1

I have recently been making a ton of "different" cards for the shop where I work, and thought it would be a fun time to share some of these fun techniques with you all.


Cut cardstock to 21x15cm
Using template, measure carefully.
Score the dotted lines and cut the dark line
Fold along the score lines to create steps as per example
Ink all edges

To create cupboard, cut 3 drawers of 6cm x 2cm.  Raise on pop dots and add to card.
Add pattern paper to your biggest step
Add a quote to your middle step
Add some decoration to your front step


Cut cardstock to 22 high and 25cm wide.
Find centre point of 12.5 and cut a triangle.
Measure from long straight edge upwards at 11cm and 14.8cm.  Score and fold your score lines forwards and then backwards again.
Tuck card inside itself when you fold it (like a packing box)
Measure carefully from the STRAIGHT long edge below upwards. REPEAT on all three sides as per diagram

Decorate inside of card with a smaller triangle and a Quote / Sentiment of choice.
Decorate the three star front panels with three more small triangles of pattern paper.


Cut double sided pattern paper to 21 x 30cm.
Fold in half vertically.
Open up and fold in half horizontally.
Now as  per diagram, cut a slit along your left side of card.
Moving to top left of card, score and fold forward about 5cm from corner.
Now using the entire 10.5cm width of bottom corner, score and fold this forward too.

Fold top left square to the right, then fold the bottom square upwards.     
Now fold your right flap to the back.  Adhere tape down the right edge of the card front to secure your pockets. 
Create pockets with remainder of your pattern paper sheet and use ribbons to define edge of the pockets. 
Add embellishments of choice to front of card.

This is my favorite card.. it looks difficult but is so easy to make:

Cut cardstock to 18cm x 30 wide.
Score and cut as per the diagram.
Mountain and valley fold to create your card.

Using pattern paper, cover squares as you wish.
Use sentiments to finish card.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will share your cards with me !  Hugs, Mich

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  1. Beautiful cards and great tutorials Mich, I will have to give those a go... and will undoubtably be swearing at you under my breath!!