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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Good morning...

Before anything.. I have to brag.. check what my stunning husband bought me for my 40th birthday. A Michel Herbelin Watch.. I am so in love with it !
Am I not just a spoilt brat.. LOL

OK, it is freezing cold here in Sunny South Africa at the moment.. I cannot even feel my fingers. However, on Monday night I managed to finish two quick layouts for a friend.

Excuse the photos of this one, I framed it before I took the photo (duh !!).. so there is lots of reflections..

This was for Deon who shot his first buck. He was very impressed with himself. Had to make a real "boy" page for this .. and plain enough to put in a frame.. I was told that he loved it.

Close ups. Tore corrugated paper and added letters to it for the title:

Had a packet of Guinnea Fowl feathers left, so used them on the page..

The photos for this layout I have had on my desk since January ! I know.. I have been bad at finishing it. The layout is actually part of the kit we got for Margie Romney Asletts class. I changed the whole thing around though and made it different. Papers were cute though and it worked well with the photos:

Some close up shots of the layout:

She is a real little Cutie Pie:

I have a Scrapping Lesson on Tuesday with Elanie as she launches her new Scrapbooking Venture (Elanie is the new teacher taking over from me).. It will be nice to end of my time in South Africa by actually attending a class and not having to teach one.. LOL

Still busy fighting with the Australian Embassy for Visa's. So hope we can get them this week so that we can book our flights and pack up soon. Still haven't sold the house though, so that is also a big worry.. not sure what to do there! Things just happening so fast... Grr !

This Saturday I have a big jumble sale at home, so hope to get rid of a lot of stash that I don't want to take with. Had a Scrapbooking Jumble sale last weekend and that went very well, lots of girls came to buy notes and papers. It was so sad to say goodbye to everyone.. But such is life I suppose.. everything must come to an end some time or the other.. Last week I taught my last class and that was very sad. Have such a lovely group of ladies and it is really not nice to have to say goodbye to them.

Anyhow.. will keep you all updated on my life as it happens... hope to chat to all soon!

Hugs, Mich

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