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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trip Downunder - Day 4

Today Marietjie fetched us and we took a drive to Berick area and Narre Warren. During our drive on the highway I noticed these high walls along the sides of most of the highway. Marietjie explained that they are built for noise polution so that the houses don't hear the cars so much.. how cool is that.. !!

Both the areas we visited are really nice, although so far from all the places we have seen Berwick seems to be our favorite, now to hope we can get the kids into schools and find a house to lease here.
The average style of house in the area is made of wood with slight Victorian finishes.. some houses are much older and some are very modern. I just love that hardly any houses have walls and that there are awesome walkways and bicycle baths everywhere for the kids to walk and play ! No barb wire or electic fences.. what a change... !!!

This was Berwick Secondary College.. it is huge and has its own Arts and Culture Centre too.. aparently the Govermnent pumped a couple of million into EACH school to do with whatever they want.. so most schools we drove past were buidling on something or the other. The schools here are all so clean and neat and really have stunning fields and sports facilities..

The Primary School is about 1 Km down the road and just as nice. We will try and see if we can get interviews in the area next week.

Nev had another meeting with the bosses today to finalise negotiations and they are looking good.. although we have nothing to compare them with... hard to say yes or no... but they promise it is good..

Tomorrow Nev goes in again for the day and gets a car to drive around so I hope we get a chance to drive around a bit and see some more of Oz.. getting tired of the hotel now !

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