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Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip downunder - Day 2

OK today we ended up sleeping right through the alarm.. Nev was meant to be collected at 9am.. we only woke up at 10h30 when the FireAlarm Drill was activated at the hotel.. LOL.. would still be sleeping if it didnt wake us up. Brett (the other director and Nev's new boss to be) collected him from the Hotel and took him to the Plant at Keysborough for the rest of the day. They had a meeting and Nev got to meet the people there.

I spent the day walking down to the local Shopping Mall and looking at the prices of stuff. Cannot make any sense of it at the moment.. some stuff seems so expensive and some is so cheap if you compare.

The money here is so funny... weird with a piece of plastic in it and the coins are shaped funny.. I have no idea how to use it.. LOL

Got to go out for supper with Dean and his wife Marietjie at HOGBREATH CAFE in KNOX centre.. Was very nice. The wine here is extremely pricey but there was a really nice one we tried.. might have to bring back a bottle.

One thing I have found here is that there are millions of Chinese people.. not one black face anywhere, but lots of asians.. very interesting as so similar to South Africa (the set up, shops, etc..) but so different as well.

Have to try and get used to the strange accent.. keep reminding myself that I am the one with the accent here now.. LOL

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