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Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip Downunder - Day 1

OK bags are packed and ready by the front door.. the day has finally arrived and we are on our way to Australia to check it out...

Self snapshot while we are waiting for Jenny to come and fetch us and take us to the airport...

Got to the airport with lots of time to spare.. the queues were really small as we were so early and we booked in our luggage and made our way to the Premier Lounge for an hour or so while we waited for our flight... How awesome it is there.. felt so spoiled..
Made our way through to the Gate to get ready to take our flight... Making sure our tickets were ready ! Saw Hennie and Deone at the Gates too... they ended up sitting just in front of us on the plane..Check the size of our plane.. it is huge.. asked the lady and said it takes about 400 people... Wow.. it was massive inside too..
OK, now this photo is taken after 11 hours plus of flying... a VERY TIGHT squeeze in the seats.. you couldn't even eat without turning sideways.. but at least the flight was uneventful.. which is always a good thing I suppose... The girl next to us was an ogre though... Grr...

The staff on Qantas are really nice though and we generally got spoiled on the flight.. lots of food, snackies, gifts, etc.. so was a fun experience.. albeit SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long !!! Yawn.. couldn't sleep at all.. way too uncomfortable.. Most of the flight was in the dark and when it was light we had to keep shutters closed so the people could sleep... Nev and I walked the aisles at night to keep our circulation going.. was a huge plane so you could walk far.

The final stretch... I took a photo of my TV infront of me.. this was our final stretcjh.. 28 minutes and counting... Took long enough ! WOW !! We finally arrived at Sydney, (awesome airport, fly in over the harbor..) but it took so long to get our baggage that we missed our connecting flight to Melbourne. Luckily though we went straight through Customs.. There was one man whose bag was taken apart.. ouch ! felt sorry for him.. The just led Nev and Me right through.. yay..

We booked in for our second leg of the flight and had a quick drink.. only to realise that our clocks were set wrong (1 hour behind) and we almost missed our connecting flight.. they had to call us on the intercom and we were the last people on the flight.. was bad ! Felt terrible.. LOL

Anyhow.. that flight was luckily only 1h30 so by that time, it was old hat to fly... ! Arrived about 6pm on Sunday in Melbourne and picked up by Dean (one of the Directors).. such a nice guy.. Were taken to our Hotel (Punthill Hotel and Apartments).. Crashed after that ....

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