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Monday, November 5, 2012


In August 2012 we were told that we had to return to South Africa.. this was rather traumatic as we had just settled into our awesome little house and the way of life in Australia.  However, we had no choice, so we packed up and off we went..

These photos are the day that the packers came with the container to pack the goodies for shipment to South Africa.  Let it just be said that I NEVER want to move again in my life.. even having someone else pack up all your stuff is still so much work !  Eeeek...  (They used huge rolls of paper to wrap stuff in.. check out Klaven ! LOL).  They couldn’t even get the container door closed we had so much stuff.. Hee hee.. (gotta love shopping at IKEA!!)

Once we arrived back in SA we went about finding a new house to rent.  We found the most amazing house in Rangeview.. and it has the most amazing studio for my classes.  It has these fantastic views over the valley, so we sit on the balcony most nights and look out over the minions!  LOL

While we were waiting for our container to arrive, we adopted the cutest dog from the Wet Nose Society.. his name is Jack.  He is so full of character and I can promise you will see in him in lots of scrapbook pages soon.  He loves his tyre and has adopted Klaven as his Human.. they are insperable.

The big day finally arrived.. I stood on the balcony and took photos of the truck as it finally came down the road.  (the perks of being on the top of the hill, you can see who is coming and going).  They broke the seal of the container in front of us and started the huge unpack.  Oh dear.. I struggled to fit everything into the house.. so much stuff!   (where did it all come from..LOL)

The garage was so full of packing boxes and debris we couldn’t park the cars for a good week ! 

The end result after a week of unpacking and dusting !  Wow.. cannot believe how much dust gathers here..

My new “baby”.. my Scrapping Studio (before and after pics).. all set up with my new IKEA furniture and the awesome view over the valley.. now to get you girls to concentrate on scrapping and not starting at the view. Hee hee..

My dining room area.  It has a built in braai in the house.. is fantastic !  You never need to braai in the rain again !

Neville’s baby:  His pool table and “MAN CAVE”.. in the middle of the house.. this house just lends itself to entertaining.

My Lounge area.. So cozy and nice to just park on the couches and relax at the end of the day.. Love how it turned out ! 

My bedroom.. This is my second favourite room in my house.. love how soft and cozy it turned out.. cannot wait to jump into bed at night (NO... not only for THAT reason.. hee heee).

Here are some other views of the house.. entrance hall, kids room, kitchen, etc.

We are finally settled and I cannot wait to get my classes started again!

Thanks for all the support over facebook and emails.. without all my friends and family, this whole adventure would have been so much harder !

Hugs, Mich


  1. Wow absolutely stunning!!! You've really turned this house into a home... hope you don't have to move anytime soon again (especially as you are just renting!).

  2. AWESOME!!!! Now only you need me as a visitor!!!!! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Beautiful Mich! Your home is jut beautiful!! What an amazing studio you have.. I might just have to come for some classes! ;0) Glad to see you so happy... hugs to you girlie!!