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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Wow, OK today I am the big 40 !!

I cannot believe that the years have passed so quickly... wow ! Oh well, someone told me that birthday are very good for you.. the more you have, the longer you live ! That is just SO TRUE.. LOL!

Cannot believe I was young once.. Hee hee... although I am still a children...

This is me celebrating something (I am the one on the left blowing the noisemaker..LOL) I must have been like 3 or 4 !

Unfortuantley my hubby is away from home today so he spoiled me with the most amazing bunch of flowers which were delivered to work.. check these out !

How awesome are they !

When I arrived at work, I was given a Tiara, Wings and a Wand to carry around all day.. I am having a PARTY at lunch time.. LOL ! Cannot wait.. should be fun...

Who says you can't be a kid at 40 ! After all 0 is not a number.. I am 4 today ! LOL

My stash that awaited me on my desk this morning: Will update you on my Birthday party as the day progresses...

Love Mich

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