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Sunday, December 28, 2014


As many of you know, we moved house recently and I have not been able to teach classes as I had the staircase of hell.. I was too afraid someone might fall down them !  So I have finally had a Railing installed and have repainted and revamped my STUDIO!  

I am so happy with the end result and wanted to share some pictures with you.

This is the staircase .. eeek.. No railing, super steep and each step different.. was very scary ! 
The room left and right.  They built a horrid brown FRAME around the stairs and had a door in.. Yuck..  there was no light at all.. also horrible old tatty Brown blinds !

We installed a stunning black and metal stair railing and painted everything white.  Added a long mirror to the staircase.  Now everyone can walk without being afraid to fall over ! 

OFFICE part of studio.. Painted everything pure white, Removed all the horrid blinds and put up some vinyl art.

CLASSROOM part of studio:  We repainted everything white, took off doors off the cupboards to make space for paper racks put up vinyl art (even by light switches), got new tables and pink elements.. Put up rods for Scrapbooking Layouts.  Added birdcages everywhere.


Closeups of elements in the room..

Had Vinyl wall art designed for the back wall.  
Used Metal Curtain rods to hang off my Scrapbooking Layouts.

Searched high and low and finally found a PINK CUTTLEBUG to match the room.
I got this handmade Teddy from my amazing husband !  Finished off with pink baskets for all my dies and embossing folders. 

 Wall art in Office.. Just a touch here and there.

View of the window dressings.. Used organza to wrap around the curtain rods and added some pink frames and black birdcages. 
 Close up of wall art.

 My favorite layout created by Hege Nielsen for me.  Framed and in its place of pride on my IKEA unit.

 I found this old Singer machine when we moved into the house.  
The domestic worker had it and I convinced her to sell it to me.. LOL.. Love it !!! 

View from back of room into studio and stairs going down.
 View of counter

 Cut off the cupboard doors and put my two paper racks in there to keep them from the sun.

Added more pink Organza and wall art to the middle window.  The view is so pretty too !

Created big CREATE lettering that I bought and covered them in black / white papers with flowers.
Adhered above my window.
Added Pink Dirt bins.
New tables and repainted the chairs to give the clean look !

Wow, lots of work.. but worth the effort.. I LOVE My new room.
THANK YOU to my hubby for all the hard work !! I love you !

Thanks for looking !  Hope you all come and play with me one day !  I will be teaching classes again from next year.

Hugs, Mich

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  1. Wow Mich, this looks really faberoonie! Best of luck for your classes in the new year!