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Thursday, May 17, 2012

INSM12 Challenge 17 - Sketch Challenge

A while ago I posted a template of Hexagons to use.. this was so perfect as Cherie just posted her sketch challenge at Let's Scrap and it uses hexagons.  So I very diligently printed out my template and created my layout. I hauled out a mix of papers for this page and found some that I bought over 6 years ago (I just love the range though.. the words and little critters)..

This is when we went to SKY HIGH in the DANDENONG RANGES (Forests).. they have the most amazing tree that is a tree inside a tree.. it is called the WISHING TREE and the boys just couldn't wait to climb it.

THE LEGEND; of the wishing tree began around 1900. This area was heavily wooded and a young 4 year old boy Billy Langton became lost. His father searched everywhere and finally came to this spot. He wished he could find his son and he looked through the circle in the tree and saw his young son playing beside the creek. Local legend says if you wish hard enough and look through the magic circle your wish will come true ! But don't wish for too much...

Sketch we had to use:

My layout:
Close ups of elements used:

Close up left and right pages:

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