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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My very FIRST layouts ever...

Let's Scrap have a challenge on to show your very first layouts.. (www.letsscrap.ning.com)..

Ok.. now don't laugh OK?  These are over 10 years old.. give me a break !

Here are 3 layouts.. first one I ever done (was at a craft day at my work).. second one is one I done totally on my own (but check how I lifted the class layout.. copy cat !).. the third one is my very third layout.. all my own ideas.. how brave to cut drops and mosaic.. wow.. go girl !  LOL  .. Phew I have sure come a long way.. gotta love those old scissors hey?

OK, now stop laughing and show me yours !  LOL

Hugs, Mich

1 comment:

  1. Not laughing because mine look much like yours here when I first started! You style and talent have greatly evolved since then. You now command the scene with your trendy and often out-of-the box style. It is now the rest of us who lift your work! You have come a long way, Baby!