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Monday, September 19, 2011

Brent is 9

On the 12th of September, Brenton celebrated his 9th birthday, he was so excited, he woke up extra early to see his presents.

We bought him his own BMX all wrapped up in balloons..

He has never managed to ride a bike before and when he got home from school Neville took him out and within 5 minutes he was out and going for it on his own. I am so very proud of him.. what a boy !

On the Friday he decided to take a small group of friends to the local Super Bowl to go 10 pin bowling. They all had so much fun and some even got strikes ! WOW.

Brenton doing his thing...

The final scores.. the boys done really well...

All anxiously watching the board to see if they are winning...

Of course there was cake.. ice cream one.. it was awesome..

The boys had a real blast and Brenton enjoyed his party !

Can't believe my baby is 9 already ! Wow, time sure does fly.

Hugs, Mich

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