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Monday, February 22, 2010


What a weekend.. busy scrapping up a storm for the full day Valentine Class this weekend. Teaching at Scrapnificent (27 Feb 2010). Only R380-00 and you get 2 double layouts.

Here is a sneek peek of my layout.. used the latest Making Memories range of paper... lovestruck... isn't it so pretty !

There is still space so if you want to join us phone Estelle on 011 660 8092

Also managed to finish a Booklet front and back for a friend.. Theme is "soggens terwyl die ketel kook" (In the morning, while the kettle's boiling)... an inspirational booklet.. so I added some paper piecings of tea cups and a teapot... Hope she likes it..

Close up view:

The back of the booklet has the teapot spilling forth things you need to remember:
Close up view:

Yesterday we took the boys to the Circus... they were so excited to go... I must say.. what a disappointment ! Wow, it was 99% chinese... the animals were "yawn"... boring !!! ... and the show wasn't well executed.. lots of mistakes, etc.. really not worth the money.

I see that the Moscow Circus is coming to South Africa again.. will have to save up and take the kids again to that one.. that was worth every cent last time !
Lastly, some inspiration for you to get the Scrapping juices flowing:

Check out this cool link:
Although it is American, it is quiet nice.. gives you information about the day / year you were born. Prices, presidents, etc… very informative and nice to use on a layout

If you want to scrapbook a page about yourself, in the future, your great, great grandchildren could know a little something about you, here is a list of just a few questions you could answer on the page, I really think I am going to do this myself really soon, here is the list,

· What is a compliment you receive on a regular basis?
· what is something you have made by hand?
· What talent do you consider your favorite or best?
· What are your beauty secrets?
· What have you done in life that your most proud of?
· What inanimate object or objects do you treasure?
· What can usually make you smile?
· What do you most enjoy doing when you're alone?
· What are at least five things your hands do during the course of a day?
· What are the pet names others have for you?
· What are your housekeeping secrets?
· what is your favorite dish to cook?
· How do you feel about nature?
· What do you do when something breaks?
· What would you do if you won $1,000,000?
· What do you consider life’s necessities?
· How do you instantly react when faced with a crisis?
· What word best describes your style?
· What makes you cry?
· Do you daydream?
· In three words describe your heart

Okay, this sounds like it could be fun, you could also play reporter and ask these questions of someone else, say your mother or sister, and make a page about them!!!
Have a great week ahead !
Hugs, Mich

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi there,

Can you believe, I finally found some time to scrap the last two weeks....

This Valentine layout was done for a class at a local scrapbooking shop, however I am not teaching it myself. Photos of my 10 year anniversary. Hubby and me renewed our vows and got married all over again... everyone thought we were mad ! LOL...

This layout was done for a friend of her sons trip to LEON in France... Loved all the little embellishments I got to play with ! Have a thing about clocks.. they are so cool !
Had to do a tag challenge for February. Used a tag sketch off www.pagemaps.com This site has the best sketches to keep you going for YEARS !! Becky Fleck has the best sketches.
Had to reduce a calender to add to the tag.. not easy.. so tiny ! I still prefer big pages.. LOL

This weekend will bespent doing more layouts for Valentines to teach at the Full Day scrap at Scrapnificent next weekend... Using the new range of UPIKIT papers.. they are full of glitter and so pretty... can't wait !
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Mich

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Surprised my son Klaven last night and took him to see the Parlotones at Barnyard. Wow, what a show. They sure rock and sound even better live. If you haven't seen them yet, do yourself a favor and go.. awesome !

My poor son could hardly wake up for school today, not sure how he managed at school ! It was a big surprise for him. Told him we were taking him to the Bekker School Boarding School Open day... LOL! He didn't know until they walked on stage.. nice that they are so easy to surprise.
Have a great day !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Welcome to my BLOG !
This is my first post and I hope to keep the posts coming often !

Having hosted the first FULL DAY scrap of the year last weekend, the girls had so much fun.

We completed 2 double layouts and there was even a make 'n take for the girls who wanted to make their "loved" one a card for Valentines Day...

I just love the quote "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much" and decided to dedicate a layout to it. It uses lots of photos and has pockets and tags for more !

The "Love Blooms" Layout is great as it shows you how to create your very own flowers out of pattern paper. A real bonus if you just need that little extra to complete your layout ! Use whatever paper you have left to make all kinds of cute flowers.

This Rose was made using left over pattern paper from the Love Blooms project.

Check out how to make these awesome flowers by following the Kaiser tutorial http://www.kaisercraft.net/blog/tuesday-tip-making-your-own-paper-roses/

Hope you were all spoilt rotten on VALENTINES day and that you have lots of lovely layouts to scrap !

Remember this Saturday the 19th I will teaching at Scrapbook and Things (Paradise and Our Ouma Rose layouts) and I will be teaching the LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE layout in the afternoon at home.

Hope to see you all soon !

Ta, Mich